Introductory Paragraph

The country I have chosen is Argentina. I chose Argentina because I don't know much about it and it sounds interesting. I already know there are snakes, it borders Brazil and it is in South America. I know that the Andes are there. It's a mountain range. I would like to learn if they make chocolate and how they make it. I'd like to learn what type of government they have and what they eat. I would like to learn what they do to have fun.


Subtopic 1: Locationfile
Capital City: Buenos Aires
Closest body of water: The Atlantic Ocean
Continent: South America
Closest neighbors, and in which direction they lie: Chile (west), Uruguay (east), Bolivia (north), Paraguay (northeast), Brazil (northeast)

Subtopic 2: Physical Environment

Landforms: The Parana Plateau is in the far northeast of Argentina. It borders on Brazil and Paraguay. These are highlands. The Iguacu Falls are located in a National Park at the point where these countries meet. The Gran Chaco is in the north. It is really flat. The Pampas are in the middle. Here is where they grow food. The Andes Mountains are a high, long mountain range in the north west. There are lots of volcanoes in the Andes. A couple are still active but most of them are dormant or extinct. In the south is Patagonia. Not many people live here because it is wilderness. The land has lots of rainforest and rugged peaks. Tierra Del Fuego is an archipelago on the very southern tip of South America. These islands belong to Chile and Argentina.

Iguacu falls




A vizcacha like a cross between a rabbit and a squirrel and chinchillas.


this is a colony of Sealions

Magellenic penguins or aka jackass penguins

climate: argentina has high mountain, coastal and desert climate.

plants: In the Parana Plateau there is thick forest. Here they grow/make tabacco, timber, and yerba. In the Gran Chaco there are marshlands that last for a long time. Argentina exports weat, alfalfa and flax. near the andes, has sort grass in the east to cacti in the west.

waterbodies: adlantic ocean

Subtopic 3:

How this country is part of the ring of fire. This country is not part of the ring of fire but it still has fiery stuff.

Subtopic 4:

Interacting with the environment