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C's paragraph. I have chosen to do Australia. I know that Australia has a very big desert. I don't think it has any major forests. It is very warm. It is a star vacation destination. It is a very big destination for scuba diving and swimming. It is also home to lots of exotic fish.(Picture:Goolgle search Volcano Geography). Theoren's paragraph. I chose Australia because I always wanted to go there and see how people interact with other people. I've always wanted to see their land forms and animals. I want to see there animals because they look funny and weird. I also chose this because I want to know what kind of government they have.
Jayden’s paragraph. I chose Australia. I chose Australia because I want to learn about it and all of its reptiles. I knew about all the kangaroos and about the deserts.

Australia Name: Theoren


10 things I already KNOW about Australia

1. Australia is hot and almost all summer.
2. There is lots of wild life.
3. Australia has not that many plants.
4. Not many forests.
5. a lot of dessert.
6. Not much rain.
7. on the ring of fire.
8. There are lots of reptiles.
9. Not very many mountains.
10. it’s not a big area.
11. 2 seasons
10 things I have WONDERED about Australia

1. What Kind of government are they in?
2. Who was the first Australian?
3. Who found Australia?
4. What is Australians main animal?
5. Who is the Prim minister?
6. Was there a war in Australia?
7. What is the main tourist attraction?
8. How many people are there?

Subtopic 1: Where the country is located
The location of Australia's Capital city is 45cS 150cE. The closest countrys are Indonesia and Papua New Guinea They are north of Australia. Australia is its own continent.The nearest bodys of water are Southern ocean, Pacific ocean and Indian ocean
Subtopic2: Physical envroment- wildlife
Australia is working to conserve threatent wildlife and eco system in Australia. Australias wildlife watches main goal is to rais funs for their animals.The red kangaroo is the largest marsupial(animal that raises there yong in a pouch) of Australia also the main animal of Australia. There are not many big dangerous animals just smal ones like spiders scuorpions and more. There are lots of animals in Australia, 88/mammals 89/reptiles 90/fish and insects 93/amphibians. Ground The things that they mine in Australia is are Gold,Silver,Nikel,Uranium and Zinc. Those are only some of them. Those four Minerals are found in Australia are some of the top 5 producers in the world. Plant life. The rainforests in Australia are all in diffrent places. One of them is the Tasmanian rainforest is said to be an a ancient rainforest. There are more than 20 thousand types of speicemen of plant life. 17000 of which are special and/or endangered. Only 5% of Australia is forest. Climateexternal image WorldVolcanoes.JPG

Subtopic 3
: the moovment in the earths crust efected the phisycal enviroment by earthquakes making volcanoes erupt and then animals die but the ash is very healthy for plants. Also moovment in the crust effects the shape of the landscapeby making dips in the surface and making Australia bigger. This allows more animals to live in Australia then more people will live there.
external image 244495~Kangaroo-Australia-Posters.jpg image australia-map.jpg image australia-flag.jpg

Work log

Yesterday we posted a good picture of Australia and edited our page a bit.Today we are going to edit the page a bit more and make sure that eveything is in order.Also do Question#1
March 4: today we put some pictures on and we are probobly going to do section #2.March10 C is going to see if I can find any facts on plants for part #2. March 10th J is going to find out where the kangaroo picture came from.
March 10: (Theoren) I will show Ms. Enga my notes on climate, and do research on wildlife. I will bookmark any useful pages I find. I will find a map showing where Australia is in the world and post it in section 1. March 12 Carson is going to try and find some of the major plant life in Australia.March12 Theoren is going to work on his notes and get a picture of wild life. J is going to find out where the flag pic.came from. J search land forms.March 26 Theoren is going to finish sub3 do conclusion post flo chart and do my part on sub4.

Subtopic 4

  • : In Australia most of the houeses they make are semetricle and have lots of windows to let the sun come in durring thre summer.Transportation Because of the enviroment people in Australia get around mostly in plains roadtrains or walk (in north). They fly in plains because Australia is a giant desert and because there is alot of people in Australia and plains hold alot of people. If you had to choose from walking accros the big dessert and flying over it you would probably pick flying because its quicker and easer. The people in australia grow most of there food on farms. They also have there own cattle farms.

Conclustion I think that Australia should be the #1 place in the world becouse it is diferent from every wear els and people who like hot
places would like Australia and most people like Australia. also it has exotoc fish and very cool animals so remember tell every one about Australia.