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introduction to chile ( pic 1 in yellow), chilean flag (pic 2)

chile.jpgintroduction to chile map.jpeg
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Q1.which country did I choose?
A1. I chose Chile as the country I want to do research on.

Q2.why did I choose this country?
A1.I chose this country because it was in the pacific ring of fire and has many volcanoes.
I thought it was a bit similar to Japan because Chile was also beside the Pacific Ocean.
I found it a very interesting place to study because it was a very narrow strip of land with many geographic features and a
large variety of climatic conditions. I did not know much of Chile and I got an opportunity to do a lot of in-depth research.

Q3.what did I know before I started research?
A3.I knew that Chile was in South America and had Mediterranean climate in the centre. It also has tundra climate. I knew that
there was Atacama desert and the Andes mountain ranges. It has many volcanic peaks and has the Pacific Ocean to its west.
They speak Spanish and their capital city is Santiago.

Chile location

Chile is a small narrow strip of land that lies to the east of the Pacific Ocean. Chile lies in the southern hemisphere in the south west
of South America. Its capital city is Santiago and it lies at latitude of 70° 42' W and a longitude of 33° 27' S. Chile’s closest
neighbors are south Peru and south west Bolivia to Chile’s north and whole of western Argentina to its east.

Chile physical environment

all the wildlife and plants in Chile are due to its physical environment. the animals in the mountains have characteristics to survive in the mountains and the plants in Atacama desert are drought resistant because it is in the desert. so all the plants and animals can only survive in the habitat they are in so the growth of plants and animals all depends on the natural physical environment.


lava flows in Atacama desert (pic 1) Patagonian ice fields (pic 2) Atacama desert (pic 3)salt basins in Atacama desert (pic 4)
mineral wealth in the Atacama desert (pic 5)


Guanacospic (pic 6 ) Nandus (pic 7) Alerce ( pic 8) Cuenoa (pic 9) cordillera de
la Costa (pic 10) Andes mountain ranges (pic 11)
images-8.jpeg images-9.jpeg images-10.jpeg images-11.jpeg images-6.jpeg images-4.jpeg

how is chile part of ring of fire

the Nazca plate being sub ducted under the south American plate (pic 1) Andes mountain ranges(pic 2)
oceanic.png atacama_desert.jpeg
If there was no water in the Pacific Ocean then there would be an amazing sight of lots of long, curving trenches. Trenches are deepest parts of the ocean floor created by subduction of tectonic plates. On land, by the converging of techtonic plates, ridges can be created and one of them is The Andes Mountains is a big mountain range, which covers the whole eastern border and many other parts of Chile. This makes the Andes mountain ranges very important in Chile.
Since many years ago, off the coast of South America along the Peru-Chile trench, the oceanic Nazca plate is being subducted under the continental South American plate near Chile. Due to this, the continental South American plate is being uplifted creating a big, tall ridge. After time, weathering and erosion, this big, tall ridge became the Andes mountain ranges. There are many strong and destructive earthquakes in this region and when there is a quick uplift of the plates, earthquakes are caused. Even though the Nazca plate is smoothly sliding under the South American plate, the deepest part of the Nazca plate breaks into many small pieces and stays there until there is another earthquake and when this happens, there is often uplift of land.

chile's interacting with the environment


Some important things i would like my viewers to know about chile is that everything in chile is due to its physical environment and location because it is in The Pacific Ring of Fire, Chile is on a convergent boundary and it has a different physical environment like the Atacama desert and the Andes mountain ranges so the plants and animals that survive there have characteristics to survive in these places. also due to the physical environment, the people make houses to protect them from earthquakes and tsunamis and they also grow and eat food according to the environment and plants that can be grown there.the clothes they wear are according to the physical environment and weather.soem facts about chile are that the most important sport in Chile is football, skiing because it is in the andes mountains and hosts many ski events and surfing is also an important sport because Chile has the pacific ocean to its all what people do in Chile is due to is physical environment and location. the national dance of chile is the Zamacueca and the traditional chilean song is the Tonda.

bibliography chile house