(If you would like to see the full video I made in china, please ask me to show you. My dad and I had an argument about it because of the gross parts that include blood so I didn't include it in the wiki. Hope you enjoy it!)

chin5178.small.jpg <-----A picture of a mountain in china


Andy: Work through part 1 and find out what to do after going back to china.
Andy:Day 2 I will keep working on part 1 and find something to do when going back to china.
Andy: Day 3 I will try to get the video I got from china onto the wiki and work on part 4.


andy:For the wiki, I’m doing China. I chose china because it is where I was born but I don’t know much about it so I want to learn more about it. I know that the Chinese invented paper, gunpowder, kites, and plant medicines. They also built the great wall of china and 2-3milllion people died because they were trying to make it.
Matthew: Before I chose this topic I had already done a project and China. I knew that they had a Great Wall of China that killed an estimated 2-3 million Chinese people and is 6,400 Km longs (or 4000 miles)



Beijing's coordinates

China's closest neighbors are Russia, in the north,Mongolia in the north, Kazakhstan in the northwest, Korea in the east, Durma in the south, India also in the south, and Pakistan in the west.

closest body of water : south China sea
hemisphere: north

A funny video I thought you would enjoy about China and the Olympics!


The Physical Environment

China’s is the third largest country in the world area wise. Their climate differs from “Subarctic to Tropical.” It has “Picturesque river valleys” (which is a valley made by water “usually in a ‘V’ shape” states and “vast plains subject to life-threatening but soil-enriching flooding” said Most people in China live in the eastern part of China. The “peasants” would live in the “low-lying hills and central plains” that go from the highlands east-bound, and south-bound to the sea. China is home to many mosquitoes so many chinese have mosquito nets around their beds when they sleep to prevent mosquitoes from biting them at night.

Some of China's wildlife include the Giant Panda, the Golden Haired Monkey, the Southern Chinese Tiger, and the Chinese Alligator.
China has many different landforms like hills and mountains. One example is the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It is in Yunnin in Southwest China. It's highest peek is called Shanzidou.


The movements in the earth's crust have affected China's landscape by undersea volcanoes going off and making China have islands. The mountain I am choosing to work on is stated in section two. It is called the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. My flow chart:

1. Plated in the earth's crust move apart.
2. Magma rises from under it and cools.
3. This keeps happening for thousands of years.
4. Then you have the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain!! =)


language: the chinese started by drawing simplified drawings of objects using lines, and then they started changing it slightly. they made new words that were not objects. but the chinese characters are still very much like works of art and real objects. the characters "fire" and field and rain are very much like the real things.
images.jpegthe word for fire images-1.jpeg the word for rain is like looking out of a window on a rainy day.
society: the society of China is very populous and poor so many people do not follow the law. when I was in China, I saw cars on the street swerving left and right through the traffic. I once even saw a taxi switch to the opposite lane right in the middle of the road! I mean on the other side of the road! people can only care about themselves, and everyone has metal gates at their doors and all the windows that can be climbed into are barred for maximum security.
technology: China is very rich in underground resources and bamboo so they use firewood. they also have a strong population strength, and all men who are not rich must go to serve in the army for 4 years. after that, they get a large sum of money. the chinese invented paper, gunpowder, kites, and the original noodles. Italians took some noodles and improved it. so did the Japanese.


Matthew: As I said already I have previously worked on China as a project, and it was great! But learning this much of a certain culture really makes me want to visit there. Even for a couple of days! Sure there are mosquito's, and dirty water, but I bet that the tradition is way better than the way the Chinese people are living!

Andy: I have learned a lot more about the country that I was born in. I'm not saying that I want to go to China and live there, I mean, after my visit back there i don't think that i want to go back with all the polluted air, the dirty water, and all the mosquitoes! man that is the most annoying part. I'm still itching a welt right now! I know this is really unnecessary but I just want to tell you how China was when I went back. The white sinks have a yellow stain where the water continuously runs! the water that the ferry travels on is completely gray! you can't even see and inch down into the water! I've also included a small video when I visited a country food market. please don't watch the 1st, 5th and the 3rd if you are grossed out by blood. If you are one of my friends, watch the whole video!





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