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Thursday, February, 26, 2009
Today, I will create my page and then I am going to put all of the stuff that I need that I need on the wiki page.
I will try to finish all of the subtopics and then try to post then on my wiki.

At the end of this class I would have finished posting the intro.

Friday, Febuary, 27, 2009
Today, I will I am going to try to get Ms.Enga to get my email, so I can finish my 2nd and 3rd subtopic.

At the end of this class I would of have finished subtopic two and three

Monday, March, 2, 2009
Today I will try to finish part 4 and get it checked by Ms.Enga, (hopefully!) And I will try to get the Clustrmaps and the survey onto my wiki.

At the end of this class, I would of have finished all of section 2 and 3

Tuesday, March, 3, 2009
Today I got Clustrmaps and the survery onto my wiki. I and really happy :D I will try to get Ms.Enga to check how I'm doing today.

At they and of this class I would of corrected all of the mistakes that Ms.Enga has pointed out for me.

Wednesday, March, 4, 2009
Today, I have gotten all of section 4 done. Hooray! Tommorow I will show Ms.Enga the graphic organzer so I can complete Section 2 and 3

At the end of this class, I would of have finished the new flowchart.

Thrusday, March, 5, 2009
Today, I have gotten Ms.Enga to check all of the corrected graphic organizers that I have finished. I will give it to Ms.Enga to check and then I will make sure I correct all of the of the mistakes that Ms.Enga pointed out.

At the end of this class, I would of have finished the web for section 2.

Friday, March, 6, 2009
Today, I got my web done for my section 2. I will then correct the graphic organizer that Ms.Enga wanted me to correct.

At the end of this class, I would of finished all of the web for section two.

Monday, March, 9. 2009
Today, I will get more pictures for my wiki. It is starting to get wordy. Then I will try to finish the section 4

At then of this class, I would of have finished section 4.

Tuesday, March, 10, 2009
Today, I will finish section 4 and try to get some help on it. It is sort of hard to do.

At the end of this class I would of have finished the section 4 graphic organizer.

Wednesday, March, 11, 2009
Today, I didn't quite do anything, I just fixed some photos. That's all.

Thrusday, March 12, 2008
Today, I will finish section 4 and post it on the wiki. Then I might put some more pictures on this thing.

At the end of this class, I will finish section 4

Friday, March, 13, 2009
Today, I really will finish the section 4

At the end of this class, I have to finish section 4.

Wendsday, March, 18, 2009
Today, sould get cracking. I will actually finish section 4 and I mean it!

At the end of this class, I must finish section 4 or else I shall hit myself.

Monday, March, 23, 2009
Today, I finally got my section 4 done. I am sooooooo happy!!! Meanwhile, I will try to find more pictures for the wiki.

At the end of this class, I will start thinking about how to organize my informaition.

Tuesday, March, 24, 2009
Today, I might be able to finish the whole wiki. I think. I will find more pictures and some more videos.I might also be able to finish the conclusion.

At the end of this class, I would of have gotten a few more videos and pictures on the wiki. I think I can finish the conclusion today. It's due Friday.

Wendsday, March, 25, 2009
Today, I think I am completely finished. I have got all of the comclusion and eveything done. Horray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


china-flag.jpg external image giant_pandas_0.jpg

external image photo_lg_china.jpg

I chose the China for my class-wiki project because first of all it is on the Ring of Fire,
and second of all, I think the China are a very interesting county to talk about because
there are lots of interesting things and traditions about this country I knew a little bit about
China because I have been there and I have also seen what it looks like. But it was so long ago that
I can’t remember it anymore. I knew that China has a very regular climate. Most of all I know it has some volcanoes because of course,
it is on the Pacific Ring of Fire.




Want to Learn
China has some volcanoes
Why does China have such extreme weather these days?
How does the Chinese government work?
It has weather very normal with regular summers and winters
What do the Chinese people do for a living?
What products do they manufacture?
It is in the Pacific Ring of Fire.
How are our lives different compared to theirs?
How many volcanoes does China have?

Lots of our products are manufactured there.
What in general does Chinese food taste like?
What are the punishments if you do something bad?
China is the third largest country in the world.
Where did the name “China” come from? and what does it mean?
What is the Chinese language based on?
Lies in Southern Asia.
What is the economy like in China?
In what sector are the Chinese people specializing in?
Lots of forests.
How do the volcanoes form on such a populated area?
Why does Taiwan and Tibet have so many conflicts with China
Most populated country in the world.

What does the flag of the Chinese mean?
Have the volcanoes killed any people in China?
Lots of wildlife and vegetation.
What are some of the famous landmarks of the China?

Is China considered a high or low income country?


Section One

Focus Question: Where is the county located?
The country that I am doing is China. The coordinates of Beijing the capital city is (Latitude. 39° 55’ 44 N. Longitude. 116° 23’ 18 E).
The closest neighboring countries of China are Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,
Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Vietnam.
The closest major body of water around China is the Pacific Ocean.
The hemisphere that China is on is the Eastern and the Northern hemisphere.
external image CHINA%20map.gif

Section Two

Focus Question: What is the physical enviroment like?






Section Three

Focus Question: How have the movements of the earth's crust affected the shape and landscape of the physical environment?


Sichuan_earthquake_building_collasped_.jpgchina-sichuan-earthquake-building-fell-4.jpg SiChuan-Earthquake-05-12-08-1.jpg

Section Four

Focus Question: What special things that do people do, make or build because of this enviroment?

Chinese_Art_Dragon_Vase_Pear_Shaped_Blue_and_White_Yuan_Dynasty.jpgchinese-art-painting-Mi5503.jpg160379.jpg ET008_c.jpg 205545141_372e8f97104578123.jpg


hybrid_cars13.jpg ev2.jpg Conclusion

A summary of my wiki
I think that the most important thing that I want people to know about this culture is that it is very intersting to know about it. There is not only this many things to know about in my wiki, there are tons, and thousands of things to know about and still more to come!


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