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China is located in northen asia and is a very large country. This is the flag of China.
China was in a fight with the mongolians and built the largest wall in the world to keep them away.China is a part of the ring of fire because it is on the pacific rim. The pacific rim is were countries are right on the crust of the Pacific ocean. China's closest neighbor is Russia. Also China is in the eastern hemisphere. The coordinates of China on the world map are: 35 degrees north and 105 degrees east.

We chose the country China as our wiki project because there is a large history of China and its people. China is a large country with the most people in the world. China has about 1.3 billion people there. China also has the largest wall in the world. The wall is called the Great Wall of China and it was built to prevent Mongolians from coming in when they were in a fight. China hosted the 2008 summer Olympics and was second place in the whole world after the USA. China won the most gold medals but came in second because USA had won more medals in total. In conclusion we chose to study about China because there are many interesting facts that we already know and many that we don’t know yet.


10 things We already KNOW about China:

1. 1.3 billion people live there.
2. Speak Chinese.
3. Trade with several countries.
4. in the Pacific Rim.
5. beside the Pacific Ocean.
6. Main sport is badminton.
7. Main source of food is rice.
8. Capital city is Beijing.
9. Has lots of farmland.
10. High intelligence.

10 things I have WONDERED about China:

1. Why do they eat a lot of rice?
2. Are the Chinese high in inventions?
3. Who is the main trading partner with china?
4. Why do they have so many letters in the alphabet?
5. What do they farm the most of?
6. Other than badminton what is their main sport?
7. What is the average height of a Chinese person?
8. Does china have a prime minister or a president?
9. Why do they use chop sticks instead of forks and spoons?
10. What is the average weight of a Chinese person?

10 things I would really like to LEARN about China:

1. How to use chop sticks.
2. Who the main trading partner is.
3. What type of art the Chinese use.
4. What method they use for trading.
5. How to speak Chinese.
6. How long it took to build the Great Wall of China.
7. How to draw the Chinese flag.
8. Who their president or prime minister is.
9. History of the Mongolians.
10. If they ever went in war.

Physical Environment

Water Bodies
Wild Life
Physical environment of China
Two of the biggest rivers in China are Yangze river and the yellow river.
58 percent of China is mountains, deserts, and waste land. 40% is farms, pasture, and forests. 2% is housing and industry.
Almost twice as many freshwater fish are caught in China as in any other country.
Here are some facts about the environment of China.
Mongolia is hot in the summer and very cold in winter.
China is the third largest country after Canada and Russia.
Rice is the main crop of southern China. (grown in flooded fields.)
China is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, and 3 main seas.
The Qinghai-tibet plateau is the largest high land region in the world. It covers 2 million sq km (772,200 sq miles).
A very popular animal in China is the panda bear.

To the north-west the great mountain ranges enclose desert pasins one of (look down)
China shares 22.800 km of border with 11 different countrys.
(14.160 miles)
The Chinese need to farm everywhere to feed such a large amount of people. They grow crops on the side ofa road or the middle of a city. China mostly gows Fruits and vegetables.
The three main seas are: Yellow sea, East China sea, and the South China sea.
The great wall of China is the longest wall in the world.
More than 4 400 species of vertebrates, more than 10 percent of the worlds total.

These is the Taklimakan Desert it is so hot in this region that rain drops evaporate before tey touch the ground.
Mountains cover over one third of China.
The sand blown from the Gobi desert helps fertile the soil.
The great canal of China is 1800km long.
The himalayan mountains are a special feature in China.
Some examples of endangered species in China are: south china tiger, and the sub nosed golden monkey.

Southern China is very hot and humid.
The Gobi deserts is one of the worlds biggest deserts.
It is in the north of China.
China grows 43% of the worlds cotton.

Produces more cotton than any other country.

Interesting Facts About China.

- Two tenths of the worlds population is in China.
- Chinese people live in present buildings in the towns.
- Very popular wood in China is Bamboo.
- China is the largest producer of cotton and silk.
- Chinese were the first people to make fireworks.
- The forests produce pine, oak, teak, and mahogany trees.

Some special features of China are:

The Great Wall Of China
This wall was built many years ago when they were in a fight with mongolians.This wall was a success and ended the war.
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A chinese Temple

This is an example of some creative buildings in
China and how it is architectured. The white tiger is a popular tiger and sometimes it is used for good
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attractions_white_tigers_close.jpg pretty tiger picture by macy_074
attractions_white_tigers_close.jpg pretty tiger picture by macy_074

Some ancient animals (chinese) A panda
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Panda's are some of the most popular animals that
lurk around China. They can get well trained to be some of China's most behaved

A signigicant feature of China is Mount Everest. Mount everest was formed from over 60 million years ago by the convergence of two plates pushing against each other. Mount Everest was named after its founder who was Sir George Everest. Estimated height of Mount Everest when it was found was 29,002 ft. The most dangerous place on Mount Everest is the Khumbu ice fall which claimed 19 lives.
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Here are the things that the people build, or make because of this environment.

- They farm rice because it has many neutrients and they have a lot of farm land.
- The houses are made from wood and brick because of large quantity.
- Roofs have a design where the edges are curved.
- Some houses have a garden surrounding it.
- "Small yard houses" are popular in South China.
- Dress differently on ceremonies.
- Karate robes are main type of fighting clothes.
- Use animal stitchings as creativity.
- Usually use the "bronze" design.


In conclusion China benefits in many ways due to its environment and physical features. China is a large country that has many natural resources.
Studying China has been a hard but interesting time because there was not a lot of resources to get help from but we still managed to find things that interested us.