Costa Rica
I picked this country because I think it is a really interesting country
And I think that it will be very faceinating learning about it!

1. It is near the Pacific & the Carrabin Sea.external image costarica.jpg
2. It is tropical.
3. There are lots of wild & tropical animals.
4. It is very sunny, green & rainy.
5. It is an Island.
6. They have a special language.
7. Most people like do dance.
8. It is extremely hot there (Usualy)
9.Some Costa Rican's love to dance
10. There are lots of tropical rain forests
1. If there are Tiger’s in Costa Rica.
2. If Costa Rica is in a war.
3. Does Costa Rica has certain enemy.
4. Is Costa Rica a part of the ring of fire.
5. Is it surrounded by lakes & River’s?
6. Does Costa Rica have a poisonous animal?
7. Is Costa Rica related to the Philippines?
8. Is Does Costa Rica have a tradition.
9. I wonder if there is a story behinde Costa Rica.
10. I wonder if the population is low in Costa Rica.

external image Costa_Rica_S.jpgexternal image image

Hope you like my page! :)

external image pis00168.jpg

The Costa Rican Flag was made by The fist Lady, Paci'fica Ferna'ndez Oreamuno, made the flag of Costa Rica in the year 1848.

external image howler_monkey3.jpg

Plants: This is a Lobelia, the lobelia is only grown in Costa Rica.
It is related to the campanulaceae,another type of Flower/Weed. They CAN grow in
other related places.

Animals: This is a "Howler Monkey". The Howler Monkey lives in the South, they also live in Central Amarican forests, like Costa Rica or Brazil or any places in Southern Amarica. You can hear these Howler Monkeys from more than a kilometer away! The Howler monkey only Howls at other monkey's, when they are invading there territory & trying to defend it.

Location: Costa Rica is located in the ring of fire...also is located near the South Pacific and is in Central America, most people think it's in South America but no, it IS in Central America, that's in the middle of South America and North America.
And 70 degree's west & 10 degree's North. It's closest nighbor's are Panama (South) and Nicaragua (North).

Closest water connection: The Pacific ocean.
In Costa Rica there is lots of
rain thats what makes it so GREEN!

Hemisphere: Southern Hemisphere

The physical Environment (In Costa Rica) is alway's 1. Hot & Sunny, between 80 and 90 degree's all year long. 2. Wet because of the constant rain, somtimes dry because of the sun.

Ring of Fire:
It is appart of the ring of fire becuase it is in the middle of South America and North America, it is called Central America...

Map, Plate Tectonics World Map
Map, Plate Tectonics World Map