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Our Introduction

Emily's Paragraph:
I am doing Fiji because I think that its an interesting county to do, and i think
that it would be awesome to learn about new things. Before I knew nothing about it
and still I know very little but every day I learn more, and more.

Natasha's Paragraph
The country I chose is Fiji. I chose this country because people in my group know a lot about the country. I didn’t know much information about Fiji, but I know a little. I know that Fiji is really hot, it is a small island, and it is in the ring of fire.

Katelyn's Paragraph:
I am doing Fiji because i think that it is very interesting and i would like to learn more about it. Also because i would like to learn more about were my mom went for 3 weeks. Before i started to research I barley new anything but one thing is that its very hot and also i would like to now more then just the little things i know right now.

Physical Environment-

plants, ground (EA), Wildlife, landforms(NJ), water bodies, climate (KT)
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The main challenges to the environment in Fiji are deforestation, soil erosion, and pollution. Over the last 20 years or so, 30% of Fiji's forests have been gone by commercial interests. The rainfall pattern, the location of agricultural areas, and inadequate agricultural methods lead to the loss of valuable soils. Fiji is also concerned about rising sea levels according to global warming caused by the burning of fossil fuels in the world.


Websites: [[http://www.duatravel.com/ about/destination/fijihttp:sites.google.com/site/ecustudyabroadausfiji/_/rsrc/1226947614820/Home/fiji-program/Sunset%20in%20Fiji.jpgwww.duatravel.com/ about/destination/fijihttp:sites.google.com/site/ecustudyabroadausfiji/_/rsrc/1226947614820/Home/fiji-program/Sunset%20in%20Fiji.jpg]]



Some say that Fiji is located in Asia, but it isnt really a part of a continent, its just a group of islands (300 islands). The Latitude and Longitude of Fiji is 18°00'S and 175°00'E. The nearest countries would be Tonga and Samoa to the East, Australia, Vanuatu and Tuvalu to the West, New Zealand to the South. The hemisphere that Fiji is in is in the southern hemisphere. The closest body of water to Fiji is the Pacific Ocean

How this country is part of the ring of fire-

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If you look at a map of Fiji, you will see that Tonga is located on the eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate. This Plate is forced up as the Pacific Plate pushes under it at the Tonga Trench. The Pacific Plate runs 2,000 kilometers from Tonga to New Zealand and is one of the lowest parts of the ocean floor. In places, the ocean floor is more than 10 kilometers deep. Tonga is part of the Ring of Fire which goes from New Zealand to Samoa then crosses over to Vanuatu and then onto Solomons. The islands such as Tangatapu, Lifuka, and Vava’u were once huge volcanoes. These volcanoes erupted and sank beneath the ocean. This caused coral reefs that gradually built up the islands. Tonga is currently moving East/Southeast at the rate of 20 millimeters a year and the crack in the Earth’s crust that first built Tonga has now shifted Northwest. The Volcanoes (Vava’u: Fonuafo’ou, Tofua, Lateiki, Late, Fonualei, and Niuafo’ou) are in a line and are 50 kilometers to the west. All of them have erupted within the last 200 years.


Interacting with the environment-

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Since Fiji is so hot they have few doors and open concept designs for their housing. They also have some housing that look a little bit like shacks because the warm weather means that they do not have to have insulation and thick walls. The tourist industry is very large due to the environment and therefore many jobs and ways of life interact with the tourist industry. The nearby oceans and beautiful beaches increase tourist activity and leisure choices.


When we started this project, we knew almost nothing about Fiji, but after we read and researched about Its location, how the Fijians interact with their environment, Fiji's location, physical environment (rocks, wildlife, plants, water bodies, climate, landforms, and ground) and how this country is part of the ring of fire, we have learned a lot about Fiji.