France A,C


I (celia) am doing my project with Andi, we are doing are wiki on France. We chose France because it is a beautiful place and it's the country where I came from. I knew that one of the department of France is Lorraine and that it's capital is Paris. I also know that the national anthem is "La marseillaise". popular sports include football, basketball and handball. the first king of France was Clovis, he got baptized on christmas 496. The name France comes from Latin Francia, whitch litterally means land of Franks or Frankland.
I (Andi) am researching France with Celia. We will have lots of information, like how long it will take to travel from Vancouver to Paris(6 hours). We chose this country because it is beautiful and big. We enjoy these types of countries. We will have some interesting facts. like there is no violence in France.


Today march 2 I am going to put the introduction and start working on it we are also going to start working on setting 1 (Location). Celia
Today march 3 I am going to finish the worksheet main ideas and supporting details and we are going to work on are Physical environment. Celia.
Today march 12 I am going to look for answers to subtopic 3. Andi
Today march 24 I am going to look for info on the jura mountains and others . Andi
Today march 24 I am going to look for information on the mountains we didn't do already. Celia
Today march 26 I am going to finish Suptopic 4 and finish the conclusion. Celia

Suptopic 1: Location

external image 112529.JPG
France is highlighted in red on this map.
Focus question :
where is the country located?
The country is located in Europe. The longitude is 45 and the lattitude 0. It's in the Northern hemishere.
-The continent is Europe.
-The longitude is 45 and the lattitude is 0.
-The closest neigbours are Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany.
-The oceans that border France are near the west coast is the bay of Buscay, near the south east is the Mediterranean Sea, and near the northwestern section is the english channel.
-France is in the Northern hemisphere.
- (Picture): world map showing Paris' Long. & Lat.
-(longitude, Latitude): location of France on globe
-(Closest neighbours): Closest neigbour map
-(Water body): Ocean that border France

Subtopic 2: Phisical environment

-Ground: The ground is good for growing vegetables and flowers. .All the plants can grow in France if you take good care of it. The soil is good.In 2002 France was the country that mined the most coal and iron.
-Plants:In france you can not always see some forests like in Paris they do grow forests but they are not like real one they are not deep forests. If you go to village there is a lot of forests and roads to go walk outside. Fruits such as oranges and lemons grow in the south. Wine is really popular in France they grow grape in The north.
-Wildlife: If you are driving you might be able to see a red fox passing by. You might also be able to see some wild deers and wolfs. If you go in the forest you could see some birds like the blue jay and more animals ! In autumn someting really fun to do is first put some gloves on and collect some musrooms in the forest.
-Lanforms:the highest mountain in France is: Mount Blanc, in the Alps. It is the highest mountain in Europe. France is the second largest country in Europe. It is covered in the centre, north and west by a flat plain that has some hills and mountains.
-Climate: France normally has cool winters and mild summers. But, Mediterranean have hot summers.Three types of climate are found in France: oceanic, continental, and Mediterranean. The north has cool weather. In the south it gets very hot in summer.
-Water body:The longest river in France is River Loire. The 3 main water bodys are: English channel, Bay of Buscay and mediteranean sea. Lac du bourget is the largest and deepest lake in France.
-(ground) What plants grow in France and Mining in France
-(Climate) climate and Climate for kids
-(Landform) landform for kids and landform
-(Water body) Water body for kids and Largest body of water

Subopic 3: How is this country part of the ring of fire?

The country France is not part of the ring of fire.
Focus question:
3.How have movements of the earth’s crust affected the shape of the landscape and/or the physical environment?
The mountains of France
The mountains of France

On the right side you can see all the mountains and their names.
France is on the europeen continental crust.
Sources: How where the alps formed

Subtopic 4: Interacting with the environment

Focus question:
4. What special things do people do, build, or make because of this environment?
Shelter: No earthquake proof technology (no earthquakes), Houses made of rocks(More rocks then wood, wood more expensive then rocks), Brick exterior (Decoration, looks prettier then plain rocks), Steep roof(rain or snow a lot), Curved roof (rain or snow sometimes), Flat roof (No snow or Rain).
Clothing: Any type of clothing it depends on the climate and the weather.
Oceanic: The warmest month was under 22 °C: T-shirts,skirts,shorts... Mild winters: Jacket, Pants...
Mediterranean: Hot summer: T-shirts, Skirts, Shorts... Mild winters: Jacket, Pants...
Sources : French Houses
French clothing Oceanic Climate
Mediterranean climate
thousands of different kinds of cheeses-lots of cows to make milk for cheese.
lots of wine-lots of vineyards
potatoes-easy to grow
snails-easy to find
frogs-easy to get
artichokes-grown in France and delicous
liver-enjoyed in France
onions-make good spices
tripe(the guts of animals)-eat because easy to get
lamb-good for you
creamy sauces-to put on spaghetti
steak-for calcium
duck breast-for special occasions
sources: Celia and wiki answers-what kinds of foods are in France?
cars-to travel to stores close to house
buses-for traveling close by to save environment
planes-fast to get to other countries
boats-to travel by water to other countries
taxis-to travel to stores if you have no car
trains-to travel far away fast and to fit everyone in them
sources: Celia and wikianswers-what kinds of transportation is there in France?


5.Andi: Hazing used to happen in France when you first go to college.
Celia: Remember France is in Europe. The biggest mountain in Western Europe is Mt.Blanc it is located in France. France has a good cooking.