i9i8 In your group, write one "Lower Order Thinking" review question and one "Higher Order Thinking" question for your topic.

Chapter One: A Global View Lamar and Kim

LOTS: -Do “The global view” is a big way thinking or a small way of thinking? -Is that point of view important? –Who are the global citizens?

LOTS: What is a global citizen?

HOTS: What kinds of things have you done to be a global citizen? Explain.

HOTS: -What can you tell about “the global view” and “The global village”? -Why do we use that point of view? –What are the advantages of a global citizen?

Chapter Two: The United Nations and You Staeyesh and Natasha

LOTS: What are the rights for all children?
HOTS: How are the UN helping the children?

Chapter Three: Celebrating People and Places: Ziyad and Lucas

LOTS:How can you tell the difference between a stereotype and reliable information?
HOTS:How do you think stereotypes first started. And do you think they are used in the media as a good thing or a bad thing.

"A CLUB FOR ALL COUNTRIES": Victoria and Bailey/ Lior and Glenn
LOTS: Lots: What do people still want to do, even though the U.N. (United Nations) has so little money?
HOTS: Hots: Who was the famous vice-president for public relations from 1983-1987?



LOTS: List three human rights
HOTS: The most important human right is... because...

LOTS:List the rights of a child in order from most important to least.
HOTS:Which of the rights you listed is the most important to a child? Explain.

"A BRIEF HISTORY OF ROBERT MUGABE"/ "INFLATION": Yasir and Brian/ Stefan and Ivan

LOTS: what is inflation?
HOTS: How are inflation rate in Zimbabwe connected to Robert Mugabe?

"CHOLERA": Shari and Shayla/ Emily, Lauren and Katelyn
Group One:
LOTS: How Do You Get Cholera And Whats In The Cholera To Make You Sick?
HOTS: How Do You Cure Cholera And How?

Group Two:
LOTS: What is a way that people can come in contact with cholera?
HOTS: Why do most people in poor countries die from the effects of having cholera? Explain.

Jin and Emma

Lot: What are the common ages kids get cholera in India?
Hot: What are the symptoms of cholera?

"GIRLSTARS": Brandon and Jayden/ Graeme, Sarah and Lidia

LOTS= Why is it so hard to get Education in India?
HOTS= what kinds of obstacles may children encounter from getting an Education

Hots: Why do people in some countries allow inequality between woman and men?(Graeme, Sarah and Lidia)

Lots: Why can’t the girls go to a high level of school, like men? (Graeme, Sarah and Lidia)

"UNICEF GAMES" Nicholas and Jeffrey/ Andy and Mason

LOTS: Did you like these games?
HOTS: What did you feel when you played the games?

"AYITI: THE COST OF LIFE": Andi and Katrina and Ashley / Alexandra and Celia/ Prerana, Evelina, Dayle

Andi, Katrina and Ashley:
LOTS:What does the cost of life mean to you?
HOTS:What did you do to get the family through the four years without dying?

Prerana, Dayle and Evelina

HOTS: what obstacles did the family face in Ayiti? What caused this? Explain?
LOTS: how many children got an education?

LOTS: How many family members are there in total?(Alexandra)
HOTS: What are the obstacles of going to school? ( for everyone ) Explain.(Alexandra)

LOTS: What work earned you no money?
HOTS: If all your family was having cholera but you had only enough for three of them who would you cure? Explain why?

"CHILDREN IN HAITI" (notes) Sam and Mishi

LOTS: Why do only 55% of children get an education in Haiti?
HOTS: Why do children die from Malnutrition?


HOTS: Why do boys go to school for a longer time than boys?
LOTS: What is the difrence between children in rural areas and children in urban areas?