Flag of Mexico

Mexico highlighted in North America

Dancing Mexican Cacti

Mexico is located at the bottom of North America leading to Central America.
Its coordinates are 23 00 N latitude, 102 00 W longitude.
Mexico is located in between the Gulf of Mexico and the North Pacific Ocean.
Also the capital city of Mexico is Mexico City. And Mexico is located in the northern hemisphere.

The cacoa bean is grown in Mexico. It is exported to make chocolate

Mexico City's coordinates are 19º 24' N, 99º 09' E

Physical Environment

Mexico has an environment which is made up of deserts, tropical forests and low and high mountain areas.
There are two main mountain ranges in Mexico the Sierra Madre Occidental and the Sierra Madre Oriental.
These two mountain ranges combine into one near Mexico city and become more volcanically active near the inland.
You can find many different types of landforms in Mexico and high mountains with snow. The highest mountain is Mount orizaba which measures at 5610 meters tall.
Since Mexico has a lot of Mountains and has desert areas they do not have much farmland.
But if you are looking for fertile farmland travel further down to South Mexico where it is warmer and better for vegetation to grow.
They grow corn, beans and squash which are traditional vegetables to the country. Also Mexico grow a variety of fruit which they export to other countries . Also most of Mexico's crops are money crops which means that they grow them to sell for money. Also Cocoa beans are grown in Mexico, Mexico exports the cocoa beans for other countries to make chocolate.
The wildlife of Mexico have a lot of really dangerous and cool tropical animals. There are a lot of cool on land animals such as Leopards, Black Panthers, Jaguars, and monkeys but there are much more. There are reptiles and amphibians such as Alligators , frogs, tropical fish, Sea turtles, normal turtles, all kinds of snakes, iguanas, other lizards and poisonous reptiles and amphibians. The different kinds of birds are Toucans, Parrots, Macaws, Flamingos, and humming birds. There are all kinds of tropical trees and normal trees like oak, pine, fir, palm trees, and cacao. Another part of the physical environment is the water bodies. The water bodies that surround Mexico are the Gulf of Mexico, the North Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of California, and the Bay of Campeche.

Jaguars can be found in Mexico

How is this country part of the Ring of Fire

Mexico is part of the ring of fire because it is located inside the area of it.
And also it is a very volcanic region in North America because the oceanic Cocos plate is being
Mexico's youngest volcano. Mount paricutin

subducted underneath the Rivera plate which is to small to be a main plate so it is named a micro tectonic plate.
These plates which are being subducted causes big explosive volcanic eruptions.
But most of these eruptions mostly happen in the Trans-Mexican volcano belt. The Trans-Mexican volcano belt is located from western Mexico all the way through central Mexico to
the east.
The youngest volcano along the Trans-Mexican volcano belt is Mount Paricutin which formed in a farmers cornfield corn field form a crack in the earth's crust.

Interacting with the Environment

Some special things that Mexicans do, build and make because of their environment are that they Scuba Dive for recreation, educational and scientific research because the waters in and around Mexico are warm and are filled with coral reefs and colourful fish. Also the waters in Mexico are so crystal clear that you can see the amazing coral reefs a certain depth below it. Some types of fish that can be found in the warm Mexican waters are Angel fish, clown fish, barracudas, eels, tuna and you can al
Flow chart on Mt. Paricutins formation
so find many types of jellyfish. Many resorts are built beside the oceans for tourists to have easy access to the beach closest to the resort. It is also has beautiful scenery. Somethings that Mexicans make because of the environment is their food. They make a lot of spicy food and grow a lot of spices because in order to grow certain spices they have to have a lot of

Tropical fish swimming around a coral reef in Mexico

heat and in Mexico it is very hot. Some of the food that they make are tacos, quesadillas, nachos, chile, a lot of different kinds of dips, and burritos. Mexicans usually use corn for tortillas, another thing people in Mexico eat beans, they eat beans in soups and in stews. fruit is also used in some dishes and desserts. The most common fruits found are mango's, coconut, pineapple and papaya.

Instructional video on how to make a Mexican style seven layer tortilla dip

How the physical environment affects Mexican culture


In the poor sides of Mexico, The houses are made out of wood and sheet metal. The middle class people live in apartment looki ng houses, and the upper class live in big houses, but most the houses have very good ventilation to keep out the heat.

The physical environment has affected the Mexicans in many different ways. One of these different ways are that it has affected their clothing.
In the ancient Mayan times the fibers that they had found in their environment were
Cotton, agave, bark, wool and silk. With these materials the Mayans made normal everyday clothing, dresses, and celebration clothing. Traditional Mexican clothing and celebration clothing includes poncho's, sombreros, colourful dresses colourful hats, jeans and a coloured shirt. In most villages the Mexicans choose to wear earthly colours like browns, greens, and reds because of their environment. During spanish dances the women will wear colourful Flamenco dresses which usually have long wavy skirts attached to them and the men will wear suits or any other type of apperal that would match the dance.


A big part of recreation in Mexico is bullfighting. In ancient times bullfighting was huge, people used to gather around and watch it all day. Bullfighting still goes on and a lot of spectators still attend it. Mexico City has the largest bullring with 55,000 seats. Even though bullfighting is still big soccer is the main sport in Mexico the second biggest sport is Baseball. One of the most popular site to play and watch professional soccer is at the Azteca stadium, seating 105,000 people. Basketball is working up to the top of the favorite sports. In Mexico they have basketball courts in most of the villages and cities. Jai alai is another popular sport in Mexico. Jai alai is similar to handball, the players hit the ball against the wall with a basket looking racket. Since the ball is very fast this game is often called the world's fastest game. There are many other sports enjoyed in Mexico such as golf, tennis, swimmin

Bull FIghting

g football, and horse racing. On Sunday Mexicans don't go to work, instead they go to parks and picnic to releave stress. They still love going to the Olympic Stadium, which was built for the 1968 summer Olympics that were held in Mexico City, Mexico.


Well we all hoped you liked our Wiki page and thank you for taking the time to view it. The main points from our Wiki are that Mexico is part of the ring of fire, it has a lot of mountain ranges that actually has snow on them, Mexico sits on two sub ducting plates. And their are also lots of volcanoes in Mexico. Mexico is mostly hot and humid and a nice destination to go to if you want to go to beaches and nice resorts. They grow a lot of spices and herbs and make a lot of spicy foods with the spices, and they love their sports. web hosting
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Know/Wonder/Learn Charts


10 Things I know about Mexico

· It is in North America.
· Their national language is Spanish.
· It is the country below the United States of America
· Their currency is pesos.
· The asteroid that helped with the extinction of the dinosaurs landed in the Yucatan peninsula.
· Mexico City is overcrowded.
· Cancun is a very popular vacation spot.
There are many poor people who live in Mexico.
Tacos, and burritos originate from Mexico.
It is hot during the summer months.

10 Things I wonder about Mexico

· I wonder what parts of Mexico will become flooded if there was to be a tsunami to hit it?
· I wonder if Mexico is close to overpopulation.
· I wonder if Mexicans created the sombrero or if the Spanish did?
· I wonder what would happen if another asteroid hit the Yucatan peninsula?
· I wonder if scientists will find any more artifacts in the Mayan pyramids?
· I wonder is Mexico will ever become a very rich country?
· I wonder what Mexico’s top export is?
· I wonder what Mexico’s top natural resource is?
· I wonder how big Mexico’s rainforests are?
I wonder what the population of poor residents are.

10 Things I want to learn about Mexico are

· What is Mexico’s top sport?
· What are the crime levels in Mexico compared to Canada?
· How old is the Mayan civilization.
· If Chihuahua’s are Mexican or if they originate from another country.

· What is Día de los Muertos (Day of the dead) and what is its
cultural significance in Mexico.

· If sombreros are hats that people wear on a daily basis are if they are used for festivities.

· What activities originate from Mexico and what do kids do for fun?

What is Mexico’s most popular pet animal?

Where were the Olympics held in Mexico?

Does it ever snow in the northern parts of Mexico?


What country did I choose? I chose Mexico, Which is located in North America below the United States of America.

Why did I choose this Country? I chose Mexico because I think it is a very interesting country to learn about. And I have always wanted to visit some of the ancient places there like the ancient Mayan pyramids and explore them. I also chose Mexico because I like to learn about what animals and plant life can live there and learn about them.

What did I know about this country before I started? I knew that they celebrate the day of the dead in Mexico, which occurs on November 1st and November 2nd. During these days the pay respect to the deceased with gifts and flowers and during the day they have festivities. I also knew that an asteroid hit the Yucatan Peninsula and that a long time ago the Mayan civilization inhab ited Mexico.

10 things I know about Mexico Justin

It is in North America
They speak Spanish there
They have a President
It is right beside America
They have some Pyramids there
It is very nice
They have a lot of beaches filled with white sand
Palm trees
It is very hot
They have a lot of interesti

10 things I wonder about Mexico

Why they have dirty water
If they have a lot of sharks
What their religion is
How big their population is
What kind of music they listen to
What their biggest tourist attraction is
If they have a lot of earth quakes
How long Mexico has been around for
If they are on the equator
What are they big for

10 things I want to learn about Mexico

If there are a lot of sharks
What their most popular animal is
What is their most popular fish is
Are they a wealthy country
What is the biggest product that comes from them
Do our tropical fruit come from them
Why their water is dirty
What is their most popular food
Were they the first to make tortillas
What famous people come from there
The country that I chose that was in the ring of fire was Mexico. I chose this country because I joined Lucas’s group and I love tropical places. I also chose it because it was the nicest country in the ring of fire and I have been to Mexico so I want to get to know where I have been and I love learning about places with different languages. Some things that I knew about the country before I researched it was that they have tons of nice beaches with white sand, beautiful luxury hotels, you get to swim with the dolphins, and there are a lot of pyramids that I also visited when I went there. That is my intro paragraph.

I know that Mexicans like to party.
I wonder who came up with the name Mexico.
I know that Mexico is very hot.
I wonder why Mexico is in the ring of fire.
I know that Mexico is in the tropics.
I wonder who the founder is of Mexico.
I know that Mexicans wear big hats to keep the sun out of their faces.
I wonder if Mexico’s population is mostly Mexican or if they are from some were different.
I know that Mexico has dangerous animals and insects.
I wonder how old are most of the people in Mexico.
I know that Mexicans like tacos.
I wonder if the people in Mexico are nice.
I know that Mexico has one of the wealthiest men living there.
I wonder if things are cheaper to buy than here.
I know that Mexico is on the equator
I wonder if crime is more popular that here.
I know that Mexicans eat a lot of beans because they harvest it there.
I wonder does everyone like tacos?
I know that Mexico has a lot of tour attractions.
I wonder if everyone in Mexico could leave and go anywhere else in the world I wonder how many people would stay in Mexico?
I wanted to do my project on mexico because i don't know that much about mexico and this is prbable the only time i will lean about it. I'm doing mexico because i know a bit about all the other p[laces in the ring of fire, and becuse i think mexico is very exciting to learn about.
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