New Zealand

I am going to work on finding more information on what clothing and or music is special to the people of New Zealand. I am also going to work on my conclusion.
- M.B.
- I am going to work on part 4 and do as much as I can and work very, very hard. =)
- K.Y.
I am going to work on Section 4, and the Conclusion.
- B.D.


The country I choose to do for my WIKI was New Zealand. I choose this country because I am interested in learning about it. I have also heard interesting things about New Zealand, like rugby, cricket and netball are popular sports in New Zealand. And it is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean. Also New Zealand has lots of volcanoes. But I want to know if any of the volcanoes are dormant. And that’s why I want to learn about New Zealand for my WIKI project.
- M.B.

I chose New Zealand because I have never done a project on it before. I thought it would be fun to learn about something new, and it sounded interesting because so many animals different from here live there.
I knew very little about New Zealand before I started this project, except for a couple of obvious things like: it is hot, and there are a lot of exotic animals and plants.
- B.D.

I chose New Zealand because I thought it would be an interesting country to do for the WIKI because I didn’t know a lot about New Zealand and by doing a WIKI on it, I can learn more than I already knew.
All I knew about New Zealand when I started the know, wonder, learn chart was where it was located on maps, their main colour of their flag and what their flag looks like, and that New Zealand was an island and country.
- K.Y.

Section one:

Map of New Zealand

Our country is New Zealand. It is located in the South Pacific Ocean.
The closest major body of water is The Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea.
It is in the continent Oceania.
New Zealand is on the Tropic Of Capricorn.
It's closest neighbors are Australia and China. They lie in the West and North-West direction.
New Zealand is in the South-hemisphere.

- K.Y. - B.D. - M.B.

Section two:

- Sand, ash, bare rock, volcanic soils, and pumice, types of ground
- Losing soil as resource
- Bugs live in soil
- Many different types of soil
- Flightless birds called Kiwi are very popular in New Zealand
- Bats, lizards, frogs, only indigenous land animals
- One poisonous spider, Katipo
- Many weird insects, bugs
- B.D.

- Kauai is the largest tree in New Zealand
- Lots of good crops on farms
- The soil they use for planting has many textures
- Native Plants
- Far from tropical weather
- Extremely variable (from rain to hail to snow in one day)
- Frosty Mornings
- Warm afternoons
- North: Warm humid weather
- K.Y.

- Has mountainous landmass
- Some large coastal plains
- Lots of volcanoes
- Ranks among the most active seismic places on earth.

Water bodies
- Largest lake is lake Taupo
- Has big streams and seas
- Two main lagoons in New Zealand
- Has a lot of bays incl,Torrent bay
- M.B.

Section three:

There used to be a continent called Zealandia, which was very near New Zealand. It was completely submerged for a very long time, under water. About 25 million years ago a shift in the plates caused Zealandia to be pulled apart forcefully. So it is now the Alpine Fault. That means that the Pacific plate, or the Indo-Australian plate, was pushed under either plate to create a fault line.

Section four:

Focus Question:
What special things do people do, build, or make because of this environment?
- Because New Zealand is surrounded by water, the Maori's food was based on fish, because it was an easy resource to get.

Cultural Universals:

There is a traditional type of food that comes from a group of people in New Zealand called Māori. Their traditional food is based on fish, birds, roots, and wild herbs.
They use underground ovens to cook the food. These are called Maori hangi ovens. It is where they cook their meat and vegetables in a hole underground with hot stones placed at the bottom and top, and is covered with a cloth, so the heat is trapped.
Maori Hungi Ovens

Big families often have special occasion feasts. Maori potatoes are very common in this traditional food. Maori
potatoes are a deep purple coloured potato.

New Zealand's family traditions are mostly going to art festivals that are in town.
Their family life is basically mostly just like how families live in B.C.
For example, kids go to school, and parents go to work during the day or
- K.Y.

Cultural Universals:

There is a special dance that one of New Zealand's first nations people called Maori, made. It is called the Haka Dance, and it is traditionally danced in a group. The Maori also had four types of art: Carving wood, Ta Moko, weaving threads, and painting. Ta Moko means tattoo which covered all parts of a mans body. After a while Europeans came to New Zealand, and brought new types of art in the 1640's, when Abel Tasman went on one of his expeditions. Their art consisted of sketches, and pencil drawings.
Shag Bird Painting
Auckland Harbor Bridge

Basically New Zealand's transportation systems are the same as ours today, but in the past before the Europeans came to New Zealand the Maori tribe either walked or used watercraft items. A little while after when the Europeans came, they made the Great South Road, in Auckland, for troops, and moving items to troops. Today, the Auckland Harbor Bridge is one of the main transportation links in New Zealand.

Cultural Universals:

Kiwis (people of New Zealand) wear casual clothes, shirts, shorts, pants, sandals, runners, etc. They wear these clothes because New Zealand is neither hot or cold.

In the 20th century Hip hop and rock were a very popular kind of music. Now the people of New Zealand like European music. There is also a kind of dance called the Maori Haka and the whole team dances around and making faces at each other. the Maori Haka culture made most of the music and dances.
The Maori Haka dance


We would like people to know that New Zealand isn't just some country that no one knows anything about! We all used to think that before we stared researching , but then we realized that it was a very interesting country to do! Also we would like people to know that the Maori were some of the first nations on the island, and that their traditions were so good, that some of them are still done today! Like the Haka dance, that the Maori made up. Today it is played before every Rugby game! It is very interesting how they stick their tongues out at each other, and how it is very rude to laugh at the Haka dance! The art of the Maori tribe is also still done today, and some of the Maori peoples still live traditionally in a tribe! We would also like people to know about Maori Hangi Ovens. It is where people put their meat and vegetables in a hole underground, then they put very hot stones on top. They cover the stones and the hole with a cloth so all of the heat gets trapped inside, making the food steam.