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March 2:Today I started my page and finished my intro.
March 3: I am posting a world map so that you can see where New Zealand is and
getting information about the the subtopics.
March 4: I am starting my physical environment section.
March 9: Today I am going to get more research for my physical environment and
get my location paragraph checked over.
March 10: Today I am going to take point form notes the physical environment of

New Zealand .
March 24: Today I will keep getting information for physical environment and start
putting it into a paragraph.
April 16: Today I finaly finished my project


For my project I chose to do New Zealand. I chose New Zealand because my aunt has
been there and says it is very nice. I also chose New Zealand because I want to go
there one day and it would be fun to do the research. Before I started my project I
knew that New Zealand is a group of islands. I also knew that the closest country to
them is Australia.



Where is New Zealand located?

New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere of a world globe or map. New Zealand is located in the Pacific Ocean. Its closest neighbor are Australia to its west.And New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga on the northern side.To New Zealand's west is South America. And finally to New Zealand's south is the south pole. New Zealand is located at 41°17S, 174°27E.The closest body of water is the Tasmanian Sea. New Zealand is actually two main islands and a bunch of smaller islands.



Physical Environment:

The physical environment in New Zealand ranges from cool glaciers and mountains to lush rainforests and sand beaches. Mainly New Zealand is mountainous. North Island has beautiful sandy beaches and tropical forests. And South Island has ski arias and resorts. South island is the mainland.
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Ring Of Fire:

How is New Zealand a part of the ring of fire?

Active volcanoes, Mt. Ruapehu, Tongariro, and Ngauruhoe
Many small earthquakes
eruption 330,000 years ago buried 2,500 km of land and formed the vast plateau that dominates the centre of the North Island, remains a near desert even now
Pacific plate is being pushed under the Australian plate
volcanoes have erupted since European settlement, Ngauruhoe more than 70 times
M 8.2January 23 1855 The 1855 earthquake is the most severe earthquake to have occurred in New Zealand.
Mount Ruapehu erupted in 1995 and 1996
Many major earthquakes in the past
The eruption of Taupo volcano about 200 AD was considered the world’s largest in 7000 years
Biggest earthquake was magnitude 8.2 in1855
New Zealand has been adrift and isolated as a volcanic raft for 60 to 80 million years - so long that most animals never reached its shores
Not very intense earthquakes
about 10,000 to 15,000 earthquakes in New Zealand each year

Interacting With The Environment:

What are special thing that people do, build, or make because of the environment?

New Zealand has a lot of wild life most known are the Kereru, Tui, Kea, Sheep, Seals, Dolphin, Rainbow trout, Oystercatchers, Kiwi, Grey Heron, Blackbird, Weka, Kaka, Tuatara, Gecko, and Giant snail. There are beautiful rainforests on the south is land with trees like Hoheria, Kunzea, Cordyline, Metrosideros, and Pittosporum .

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