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Over spring break my goal is to finish at least 2 subtopics. But anyway... i will keep updating my work log! My notes are almost finished ( but they are at home ). Since they are at home, right now I am researching the location of New Zealand!

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I decided to do the country New Zealand. I had no particular reason... I just thought that New Zealand is pretty big and I thought i would be able to find more information. It is kind of weird because I didn't know a thing about New Zealand when I decided to do it. But that's the whole point! I decided to use a country that I don't know anything about, therefore I can study harder and find out interesting facts about a country that I didn't know anything about! It's funner that way, because you don't know anything about the country and you can find out so many cool things that you didn't even know about! Although I am doing this project by myself, I will work extra hard to find out a lot of information! I cannot wait to find out some interesting facts about New Zealand!

Take a few minutes to fill out this chart, remembering to use POWERFUL QUESTIONS.

10 things I already KNOW about New Zealand:

1. It is in the ring of fire.
2. People in New Zealand speak English. ( Some of them do! )
3.More than 50% of New Zealand are Europeans.
4.A 2008 estimate of the population in New Zealand is 4,280,000 people.
5. People in New Zealand drive on the left!
6. New Zealand’s queen is also… Queen Elizabeth!!!
7. A lot of New Zealand culture is mostly derived from British roots.
8. New Zealand has a relatively high standard of living.
9. New Zealand has a modern, prosperous and developed economy.
10. New Zealand is a country heavily dependent on free trade, particularly in agricultural products.

10 things I would really like to LEARN about New Zealand:

1. Do they have any accents or just plain English?
2. What color(s) is New Zealand’s flag
3. Is New Zealand bigger than Canada?
4. What does New Zealand Import?
5. What does New Zealand Export?
6. How did New Zealand get it’s Name?
7. What is the main food in a New Zealanders diet?
8. What is the weather like in New Zealand?
9. Does New Zealand have the same time zone as Canada?
10. What kind of Music do New Zealanders eat?

Now, when you have a few spare minutes in class, use the internet wisely and try to find some answers to your powerful questions of things you would like to know!

Do they have accents or plain English:
People in New Zealand actually have British accents! I guess that is why most of New Zealand’s culture is derived from British roots. Not all people in New Zealand speak English but the ones that do, they probably have British accents.

What color(s) is New Zealand’s flag:
New Zealand’s flag is actually similar to the United Kingdom flag. It is dark blue with little red stars on it. It has t he UK flag in the top left corner. So New Zealand’s flag has 3 colors: Dark blue, red and white.
Is New Zealand Bigger Than Canada:
No. Canada is actually the second largest country in the world! New Zealand isn’t even in the top ten largest countries in the world! Canada has 3,855,081 square miles, and New Zealand has only 268, 680 square miles! Canada is definitely larger than New Zealand!

What Does New Zealand Import:
I couldn’t find anything. Sorry!

What Does New Zealand Export:
New Zealand imports wool, milk and milk products, steel, meat such as beef and lamb and clothing.

How Did New Zealand Get It’s Name:
After the Europeans immigrated to “New Zealand “only then they decided to call it New Zealand. It is unknown whether the Māori had a name for New Zealand before the Europeans immigrated there.

What Is The Main Food In A New Zealander’s diet?

I do not know if this is very accurate but I did a lot of research and I couldn’t find anything but… it did say that New Zealanders eat a lot of fish and chips.

What Is The Weather Like In New Zealand?

The climate throughout the country is mild and temperate, with temperatures rarely falling below 0 °C or rising above 30 °C in populated areas.

Does New Zealand have the same time zone as Canada?

No. There are around 17 hours difference. They are actually ahead of us by 7 hours! Canada is pretty behind!

What kind of Music do New Zealanders Listen To?

New Zealanders listen to the same music as we do. But the most popular styles in New Zealand right now are rock and hip hop.


New Zealand comprises two main islands, the North and the South islands, and some smaller islands, located near the bottom right corner of the Eastern Hemisphere. Cook Strait separated the North and South islands. The total land area, 268,680 square kilometers, is a little less than that of Italy and Japan, and a little more than the United Kingdom. The country extends more than 1600 kilometers along its Main north line which actually runs through the south island ( How Strange! ) with approximately 15,134 kilometers of coastline. The continent that New Zealand is considered to be in is Australia. The Approximate latitude of New Zealand is 34°S to 47°S and the approximate longitude is 165.5°E to 179°E. Also, the coordinates of its capital, Wellington, are Latitude: 41°17S and Longitude: 174°27E. Some neighbours of New Zealand are New Caledonia which lies northwest, Maquarie island which lies southwest and Tonga which lies northeast. To the west of New Zealand is the Tasman Sea. Also, it is kind of far but northwest of New Zealand is the Coral Sea. Overall New Zealand is located in the Southern Hemisphere.new-zealand-map.jpg

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How is New Zealand Part Of The Ring Of Fire?

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Interacting With The Environment


New Zealanders wear basically the same thing Canadians do. Not many people wear

homespun jerseys or even wool, although wool is one of New Zealand’s chief exports. If people

in New Zealand did wear wool, that would be another thing that New Zealanders make

because of its environment. But since people don’t… the current fashions are skinny-leg jeans,

wrap dresses, cardigans that are too short, waist belts, knee high boots. Coats, jeans, t-shirts,

sweatshirts, hoodies, and zip up the front sweaters are all normal as well.

In the summer, barbecues are a big part of the Kiwi culture, and meat such as lamb, venison, lobster, fresh fish and shellfish are cooked very much. It is kind of like in Japan , since New Zealand has the Pacific ocean to the east and the Tasman sea to the west, the eat a lot of sea life! For a true taste of New Zealand, the smoky flavor of the traditional Maori hangi (pronounced hung-ee). The Maori hangi is cooked underground. A deep hole is dug, lined with red-hot stones and covered with vegetation. The food (chicken, pork, lamb, potatoes, sweet potato, and other vegetables is then placed on top. The whole oven is sprinkled with water and sealed with more vegetation. The hole is then piled with dirt and left to steam for several hours. The hangi is usually prepared for special occasions. Traditionally, men dig and prepare the hole, and women prepare the food to go in it. All members of a family help out for such a feast. The occasion is relaxed, friendly and fun. This is useful because New Zealand has a lot of fertile soil which goes on top of the Maori hangi. It is much better than an oven that uses electricity! Although it takes longer, it is pretty interesting and it isn’t using up the Earths precious resources.


There is a new scenery at almost every turn…but there are so many ways to travel there…

New Zealand isn’t the biggest country in the world…but it is definitely not the smallest either. It

is very different from Canada, in New Zealand they don’t drive nearly as much! On the road

there is only one lane in each direction! So that’s no big deal…but “water travelling” is! The

reason why it is so big in New Zealand is because it actually has the Pacififc Ocean to the

east and the Tasman Sea to the west, so that’s why “water travelling” is very popular there.

Traveling on a ferry is a bit different from let’s say, the bus. When you are riding a ferry you go

to other little island that make a part of New Zealand but the bus is very typical for going to

McDonalds or say, the mall. Just like here. Actually the only way to get to the other smaller

islands, you have to take a ferry! Obviously busses do not travel on water!!


Have I learned a lot! Well…I hope whoever saw my page did too. The really cool thing that I find about New Zealand is that it’s basically like British Columbia… it’s very mountainous…they wear the same clothes, listen to the same music as us… I don’t have much to say…but I definitely have to say that the coolest thing I learned about New Zealand was the underground oven called the Hangi…it says all about it up ahead in “food”. I find it really cool. The most surprising thing I learned about New Zealand is that the people there have British accents…this may sound weird but I find it surprising! Overall I have to say that New Zealand is a very interesting country!!!

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