Guide sheet

GOAL: To create a CLASS WIKI about countries on the Ring of Fire.

INTRODUCTION (everyone does their own)

1. Choose a country that is in the Ring of Fire.
2. Do a Know/Wonder/ Learn chart about that country.
3. Write a paragraph for your introduction to your project answering these questions:

a. Which country did I choose?
b. Why did I choose this country?
c. What did I know about it before I started research?

RESEARCH (you can work in a group- max. 3- to create your page)

1. Read over the four subtopics.
2. Do the activities, and create your wiki.

Subtopic 1: Location

Focus question:

1. Where is the country located?

Find a map indicating where your country is located and include it on your page. INCLUDE YOUR SOURCE.

Write a short paragraph describing where the country is located. Make sure you include this information:

a. the coordinates (longitude and latitude) of the capital city
b. closest neighbours, and in which direction they lie
c. continent
d. closest major body of water (if it is close to water)
e. hemisphere

Subtopic 2: Physical Environment

Focus question:

2. What is the physical environment like?

Gather information on ALL SIX ASPECTS of the environment (see p. 49 in textbook) using the “main ideas and supporting details” graphic organizer (you used this for your notes on a Japanese region). This will be checked before you will make your web.


Make a web, showing information on all six aspects of the physical environment. Use INSPIRATION so you can include it on the wiki (or figure some other way to get it onto your wiki: you could do it by hand, and photograph it, for example, or- ?).

OR, if you have a better way to present this information, run it by Ms. Enga.

Subtopic 3: How this country is part of the Ring of Fire.

Focus question:

3. How have movements of the earth’s crust affected the shape of the landscape and/or the physical environment?

Pick one significant feature (volcano, earthquake fault, mountain range) and do a flow chart of how this was formed. REFER TO THE FLOW CHART YOU HAVE DONE IN SCIENCE ON THIS TOPIC.


Subtopic 4: Interacting with the environment

Focus question:

4. What special things do people do, build, or make because of this environment?

Pick three of the cultural universals and explain how this culture’s environment has shaped their development in this culture.

Use the “Main ideas and supporting details” graphic organizer to take your FIRST notes- this is when you get your first information, which you can then build on.

This must be checked before you can proceed.


When you have taken notes and had them checked, make a plan for how you will present this information, and what you will look for to make it interesting and engaging. Have this checked by Ms. Enga, before you actually do it.

Your conclusion should sum up the main ideas of your report.

5. What are the most important or interesting things you would like others to know about this culture?