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Today I will finish my second subtopic.
Today I will finish my third subtopic.


The country that I have chosen is the Philippines. I chose the Philippines for my country because my mom is from there and it's on the ring of fire. Some things I knew about the Philippines before I started this project are that it has 2 languages, some people that live there eat dogs, and that it is on the Ring of Fire.

My Know Wonder Learn Answers:external image philippine-flag-big.gif

10 Things I know about the Philippines:
1)Placed on the Ring of Fire.
2)Has 2 languages
3)Has a very hot weather
4)Has a bunch of islands
5)They eat dogs

10 Things I wonder about the Philippines:
1)Why it has 2 languages
2)How the languages were made
3)What type of schools do they have
4)What type of houses they have
5)If they have buildings
6)How the country was madeaa.png
7)If the people there are related to Indonesia
8)How far is it from Indonesia
9)If the build things differently
10)How to speak the languages

10 Things I want to learn about the Philippines:
1)The language
2)The culture
3)The way of living
4)How they build houses
5)What kinds of food they eat
6)the animals
7)the endangered species
8)Why they started eating dogs

Subtopic 1: Location

The Philippines is located at 10 degrees N and 122 degrees E.
(The Philippines map) Source: philippines.html

1) Where is the country located?

The longtitude and latitude of it's capital city is degrees N and degrees E.
It is place east of Veitnam, north of Indonesia, south of
Taiwan and China, and west of Micronesia and Melanesia.
The closest major body of water to the Philippines is the
Pacific Ocean. It is in the southern hemisphere, and the continent
is in southeast asia.

Subtopic 2:Physical Environment


When you look at the
map of the Philippines,

The shape of the islands
looks like a dinosaur.

It's a tropical country,
wich basically means

there are only two
types of weather/season; rainy
and sunny.

The Philippines is mad
up of over 70,000

One of the rare species
is the rare Fauna.

The climate is sometimes
humid depending on which
month it is.

Usually it's the most hottest\
and humid during the summer
time, which is from March -

The rainy weather is around
June - September.

Subtopic 3:How is This Country Part of The Ring of Fire
This country is part of the ring of fire because, it has over 7000 moutians. And a lot of those mountains are actually volcanoes.

1. Magma from the core of the earth seeps up.
2. The magma goes through the moving continents.
3. While doing that it forms a volcano.


Subtopic 4:Interacting with the invironment

4. What special things do people do, build, or make because of this environment?

Some special things people do, build or make because of this environment is, they where light clothing because the weather in the invironment is usually humid/hot and if they wore heavy clothing they would get really hot/sweaty.