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A: What country have you chosen? The country I have chosen is Philippines, the tropical paradise located near the equator in the ring of fire.
B: Why have you chosen this country? The reason I chose this country is because that is where my parents arrived from, and I still do not know much about it and their daily routines, lifestyle etc. I also would like to study it because it has had some of the most insane natural disasters which i would also like to take a look at. I find this country very interesting since it is one of the countries made up of the most islands, and also because they have many dialects I would like to learn about.
What did i know about it before starting my research? The things that I know about this country before I research further are basic climate, the geography and their population, but i look forward to studying this interesting topic further.

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March 27: im done

Philippines K/W/K

10 things I already KNOW about Philippines:

1. Located in the ring of fire
2. Very hot + humid
3. A series of islands
4. In the tropic of cancer
5. Few natural resources
6. Many beaches
7. At least 80-90% of the people there are pure bredFilipino_flag.jpg
8. In the continent of Asia
9. Once a Spanish nation
10. More than 5 dialects spoken

10 things I have WONDERED about Philippines:

1. When did it become a nation?
2. What is the population?
3. What are the names of the islands?
4. What are their main resources?_41695472_ring_fire_4map416x255.gif
5. Why is lactose intolerance at a high risk there?
6. What are the normal routines in the daily life of a family?
7. What annual traditions do they have?
8. What kind of schools do they have?
9. What kind of voting system do they have?
10. What kind of government do they have?

10 things I would really like to LEARN about Philippines:

About their:
rp-map.gif 1. Daily chores/tasks
2. Housing/Living
3. Leisure
4. Trade
5. Jobs
6. Government
7. Law
8. Health care
9. Transportation
10. Agriculture


Focus question:

1. Where is your country located?

Philippines, the Asian country made up of about 7,000 island is located at 14°35′N 121°0′E and the equivalent size of Arizona. Just above the equator in the North-East hemisphere and 800km off the pacific coast of Asia, sharing the waters with their neighboring countries China (to its north), Taiwan(to its north) and Indonesia(to its south) and Malaysia (to its north) shown in the map. The bodies of water closest to them are the; Philippine sea, south China sea, Sulu sea, Celebes sea, the Luzon straight and the pacific ocean located on the east.

Physical Environment

Focus question:

2. What is the physical environment like?

Philippines has a very hot and humid climate throughout the year (tropical/marine). Although, during November to February the temperature will cool.
temperature.jpg Likewise, the hottest time of the year is in may where the temperature can rise up to 83ºF or 28ºC. The Philippines has a rainy season too, which lies between June and October, but there is a chance of rain during the other months. In the Philippines, whenever it rains it rains very hard, with a chance of raining all day. The reason of all this rain, is the trades or trade winds. The trade winds are the winds that come by every so often in one general pattern.

Due to the area that the Philippines is at, every single island there are tall and mountainous. The tallest land form is Mount Apo about 2954m high (9692ft). Mount Apo is very hard and very unusual stratovolcano, that has no recorded date of eruption. For those of you that dont know, a stratovolcano is a volcano that is very conical and has many layers (called strata) that are made up of hardened lava and volcanic ash, thus giving the name stratovolcano. An example of a famous stratovolcano is Mt. St Helen's located in Washington, USA. Stratovolcanos are found commonly in subduction zones.
Philippines is a country made up of over 7,000 islands, separated by amazing bodies of water. The water bodies surrounding are the cause of the massive amount of rain. Since there are amazing bodies of water surrounding the Philippines, (as you can imagine) fish is a big part of their diet. One example of fish that they eat are talapia. Also, Philippines is one of the closest countries to the deepest underwater trench, the mariana trench. Due to the volcanic activity, the land is so fertile that ¼ the of the land is vegetated with forests and plants. Which means that they have miles of crops, most of which are rice fields. The wildlife in the Philippines is more than average, it ranges from the famous tarsier ( about the size of guinea pig) a to the filippino eagle. Likewise, the Philippines have many endangered species such as the rat.

How this country is part of the Ring of Fire.

Focus question:

3. How have movements of the earth’s crust affected the shape of the landscape and/or the physical environment?

The Pacific Ring of Fire, is one of the earth's many amazing features. The ring of fire is an area of the world where a series of volcanic explosions occur. It is a horseshoe shaped ring found at the very edges of the pacific ocean. But many people do not know how the tiny movements of the earths tectonic plates affect the environment above.

For example in the Philippines, the landscape is very mountainous due to the diverging and converging plates. Because of this, the best way for short-distance transportation is by public transit such as the Jeepney and a tricycle. Where as the best way to travel from island to island is by boat or by Asia's famous airlines The Philippine Airlines. Also, because of the tectonic plate movements, it has created the Mariana trench, located a few miles off the east coast of Philippines.

Anyway, lets get to the point. This is my flow chart for Mount Apo mentioned earlier, I have added a diagram of mount St. Helens because there was none for Mount Apo. Never the less they were created in the same format.

Formation of a Strato/Composite volcano

Interacting with the environment

Focus question:

4. What do people do, make and build because of this environment?

The 2 major variants of them and us are the climate and the physical environment


This experience has been a blast for me, and i would like to share some main points I have got out of this.


Physical environment
How its part of the Ring of Fire
Interacting with the environment
1. It is located in the continent of Asia
1. Tons of active and inactive volcanoes
1. Movements have created Mount Apo
1. Food is all based on the climate in the Philippines
2. On the North/East hemisphere near the equator
2. Very vegetated due to the volcanic activity. (ash makes fertile land)
2. Tectonic plate movements can cause mountainous up rise
2. Climate affects what people wear (ie. raining, sunny)
3. Surrounded and separated islands by bodies of water
3. Very hot+humid
3. Movements of the earth can cause variant methods of transportation
4.Closest neighbors are China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan
4. Bodies of water create masses of rain
4. Diverging movements have created the mariana trench
4.Public transportation is HUGE in Philippines
Things I want everyone to get out of my wiki is that:
a: Philippines is a sponge for natural disasters
b: Rice is they're staple food
c. I am from Philippines

Fun Facts

1. The Philippines is the 3rd largest English speaking nation, following the U.S. and the U.K.
2. The Philippines is the home to the perfect cone shaped volcano Mayon.
3. The Philippines is home to the largest mall in Asia, SM Mall of Asia.
4. The Philippines is the 12th most populous country in the world.
5. The Philippines currency is Peso, just like Mexico.

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