Russian flag and map-


Introduction paragraph-

I chose Russia, because it’s country where I was born.
I was wondering is it a country of the ‘Ring of fire’?
Also , I don’t know a lot about Russia.
What I know is –it’s the biggest county in the world.
In Russia there is very nice nature, there are many forests and a different kind of animal’s .Russian was the first person to get to space.
The northeast part of Russia it’s the part of “Ring of fire"

The capital city of Russia is Moscow their is many beautiful places their is couple



Subtopic 1:Location

Focus question:Where is the country located?

Russia is in Eurasian but the Ring of fire is touching Asian part of Russia.
The coordinates of the capital city (Moscow) is 55° 45′ 6″ N, 37° 37′ 4″ E.
Russia is norther hemisphere.There is a lot of water body's in Russia but
i am doing east side, there are they-Pacific ocean, sea of Japan, Bering sea,
sea of Okhotsk, Laptev sea and Kara sea.
Neighbor east side of Russia-China, Mongolia, Japan, Kazakhstan.

Volcanos in Russia-I found out that their is volcano in Kamchatka (Камчатка)
Туры на Камчатку
Туры на Камчатку

Subtopic 4:Interacting with the environment

Focus question:
What do special things do people do, build, or make because of environment?

There are two things that are the important things for them-

Housing is a huge problem for them. Whoever can buy an apartment, does so. For most, a single-family dwelling is inconceivable. Young married have to stay with their family - maybe even share a room. But at its best there is a warmth and to this kind of apartment living. It could be in an older downtown building with some residual charm. People are taking great care and pride 'doing up' their home interiors.

there are lots of kinds of food in Russia, but i want to show the main day menu "breakfast, lunch and dinner" i will show couple pictures too:

This is usually a quick meal in the working week. Parents are likely to have an open sandwich with cheese, ham or salami with a cup of tea. The children tend to eat a cooked meal that consists of a boiled egg, omlette or kasha. Kasha is any cooked grain or cereal (eg.buckwheat) that is served with milk, sugar and butter.

This is the main meal of the day and is eaten between 1pm and 3pm. Obed starts with a small zakuska ( salt herring or some king of salad). It is followed by soup that is made from a homemade stock. If it is a chicken soup then a whole chicken will be put into the pot, if it is meat soup than a chunk of beef is simmered for two to four hours with vegetables, and is eaten with fresh vegetables, dried peas or beans, pats, rice or barley. The favorite soups are cabbage soup, Shchi, and Ukrainian beetroot soup, Borshch.

After soup the main course follows. Fish is a popular food and Russians prefer freshwater fish like carp and pike. If meat stews are eaten then they have flavourings of wild mushroom, pickled cucumber or smetana. Cabbage leaves, Golubtsy, are stuffed with meat and rice in a tomato sauce. Sosiski are frankfurter-type sausages and are also very popular. Meatball dishes are Kotleti, Bitochki, and Tefteli. The main course is served with potatoes, pasta, cereal, salt cucumbers, and are always served with bread.
Obed is finished with either coffee, tea, kompot (stewed fruit) or kisel (fruit juice thickened with cornflour).

external image russia_food.jpg


This meal is eaten with the family around the table and
news is exchanged. Soup can be served again and the main course can be from vegetables like potato cakes with mushroom sauce or tvorog, cottage cheese. Tea or milk follows.


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Google web, image-i used it most.

Lot of thanks to my teachers for they were helping me so much!!!