Please set your page up as follows: (see whiteboard for how to create a Table of Contents)

Work Log

Every day, you will go here first, and make a statement about what you plan to work on that day. It should look like this:
(example) Feb. 24: today I will post my ring of fire map, and email my section one to Ms. Enga for her to check. I will talk to my partner about the new site she found. I will get photocopies of the notetaking sheets so I am ready to take notes next class.
At the END of the class, you will make a statement about what you accomplished. It should look like this:
The best thing I did today was (insert something). I could have done (insert something) better by (come up with a solution).


Post your KWL and intro paragraph here. Feel free to insert a picture or something eyecatching introducing your page.

Section one:

Section two:

Section three:

Section four:



Every time you use a website, you must cut and paste the link here. This includes any pictures you use.