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Here is a world map and Singapore is pointed out.

Setayesh's Introduction

I chose Singapore because my dad has been to Singapore. He always talks about how beautiful it is and how the people are really nice. The stuff in Singapore is really cheap. My dad said it's such a small country, but they made it beautiful.The name Singapore sounds really interesting.


-what they do at school
-what they were to school
-what they do in school
-what kind house of house they live in
-how the government treats them
-what kind of tradition they have
-what kind of food they eat
-how they keep it clean
-how are they so wealthy
-do they do lots of books

what i know
-there things are very cheap
-small island

-about the government
-where its located
-why they don't sell gum
-why there not allowed to spit on the ground
-why they have lots of tigers and leopards
-do they walk a lot of drive a lot
-how they made the swap and jungle in to a beautiful island
-what the weather is like
-does it rain a lot since there close to the rain forest
-what kind of food they eat do they eat lots of fish

Note Taking

-Has the biggest bird zoo
-There isn't lots of wild animals because the pretty much the whole country in a city
-They have an amazing zoo
-The blue Malayan coral snake is 140cm

-There are 300 year old trees in middle of the island
-There are lots of pitchers plants in Singapore
-Plants are affected by the winter so they need to be some where were there is heat

-They are trying to lower the water so they can build more schools,hotels and other things
-One of the popular oceans in Singapore is called British Indian ocean
-The biggest river in Singapore is called Kallang river and its 10km in length
-Singapore is manged to reduce 127 liters per capital

Work Log

Feb.26th/09 Sarah- I have finished section 1 and started on section two.
March. 3rd/09 Sarah- I will work on section two.
Setayesh: I will start research on section 2: physical environment, after I have established which sections Sarah and I will do.
March 5th.09 Sarah - I will surf the web about my country.

Sarah's Introduction

What I already know
1. Smallest nation of Southeast Asia.
2. Very wealthy
3. 5th wealthiest country in the world
4. English one of the main language.
5. Currency is Singapore dollar.
6. Near Malaysia.
7. Has two seasons wet and hot.
8. Has high humidity
9. They have a republican government.
10. Natasha lived in Singapore.

Things I wonder
1. What are the schools like?
2. What are the differences in their style from ours?
3. What are the religions in Singapore?
4. What is the favored music genre?
5. What is the physical environment like?
6. What are Singapore’s neighboring countries?
7. What forms of art are special to them?
8. When was Singapore founded?
9. What is the main form of transportation?
10. What do people do for fun?

Things I want to learn
1. How does the environment affect the culture?
2. What are some special things they do in daily life different from ours?
3. What celebrities from North America are famous in Singapore?
4. Are they in the same economical crisis as North America?
5. Is the education program more advanced?
6. How much poverty is there in Singapore?
7. What are some natural resources?
8. What is Singapore most famous for?
9. What is Singapore’s national sport?
10. What is Singapore’s national flower?

The country I chose is Singapore. I chose this country because of all the countries in the ring of fire I feel that it a country that most people don’t know about. I think that it would be a cool country to learn about because most people don’t know about it and you can learn lots of interesting facts. I think people should learn more about other countries to broaden their knowledge on how other people live. Because people only really remember the countries that affect them and for me personally Singapore doesn’t really affect me in my daily life. I didn’t really know much about Singapore before my research but I did know that one of their main languages is English. Also I know that it is the 5th wealthiest countries in the world.


My country is Singapore. Singapore’s capital is called Singapore city. The Latitude and Longitude is 001n22 103e51. The closet countries are Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Malaysia is located east from Singapore. Indonesia is located south from Singapore. And Thailand is located north of Singapore. The continent that Singapore is located in is Asia. The closest body of water is the South China Sea. And the hemisphere that Singapore is in is the northern hemisphere.



Physical Environment:

- High Humidity
- Palm trees
- Palm trees
- Green Crested Lizard
- Highest mountain, Bukit Timah (Elevation 164 m)
- No fresh water
- High amounts of rainfall at one time
- Among-Among
- Lots of Singapore is undeveloped rain forests
- Flying Fox
- Smallest mountain, Bukit Saleh (elevation 66 m)
- Half of water comes from rain collected in reservoirs and Malaysia.
- June and July are the hottest months
-Sea Hibiscus
- 23% of land is forests or natural reserves
- Cobra

- Temperature ranges from 22 degrees to 34 degrees.
-Vanda Miss Joaquim

- Frogs

Here is a table of the physical environment of Singapore.

Ring of Fire:

Sigapore is not in the ring of fire it gets affected by the other countrys around it that are in the ring of fire.The names of the countrys are Malaysia,

Interacting with the Environment:

they live in bulidings and they put there bulidings in Alphabet order they have one of the tallest buildings.
in singapore they eat everything like KFC AND MACDONALD in fact its really populer there and also DAIRY QUEEN
some of the stuff that singapore grows are dragon fruit, green beans and mangos.