South Korea

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By: Kim, Lidia, and Evelina


I wanted to do South Korea because I think that it is a interesting country with history that has deep roots.I want to learn new things that I didn't know before. Another reason why I chose South Korea is because it's in the Ring of Fire. Some things I knew about South Korea before I started to research about it was:
In the Ring of Fire
Part of Asia
Official language is Korean

The culture I chose is South Korea. It sounds interesting from what I’ve heard. I chose the culture because I’ve heard Mrs.Seear talk about it, because she was born there, and because I find the country very interesting, like, 'it's a country that has split up', and 'it has a volcanic island'. Learning about this country I may be able to answer questions I have, for example why did Korea split up? Or what special cultures do they have? And what kind of landscape do they have? What I knew about South Korea before I started research is:
Is part of the Ring of Fire
Republic Government,
Continent is Asia,
Borders Japan.

I chose the country South Korea so that I can learn about different geographic features all around the world and explore cultural differences. I have a lot friends that are from Korea. They say that it is a great country and I want to view the beautiful land. I don’t know much about South Korea but I want to know more about it. I know very little about the country but I do know that the capital city is Seoul and that their closest neighbor is North Korea. One thing I wonder about is why North Korea and South Korea went their separate ways.



Focus Question: Where is the country located?

South Korea is found on the lower part of the Korean Peninsula in East Asia. It is located in the Northern hemisphere and is part of the Eurasian plate. South Korea's capital Seoul's geographic coordinates are
37 33 N, 126 59 E. The closest countries are Japan, China and, of course, North Korea.
Japan is located South-East from South Korea. The Sea of Japan separates the two from touching.
China is found on other side of the Yellow Sea on South Korea's left side (West).
North of South Korea there is North Korea, there is no water separating the two countries except a border.
On the southern part of South Korea there are two bodies of water, they are called the Cheju and Korea Strait.
Jeju Island, in South Korea, has become a tourist hot spot, and has gained the nickname "Asia's Hawaii" because of it's popularity.

Physical Environment

Focus Question: What is the physical environment like?

Water Bodies

Yellow Sea, Sea of Japan and the Korean straight surround South Korea.
-there are over 34 main water bodies
-There are; bays,lakes,rivers,streams,wetlands


The soil in South Korea is well, I presume because they have lot's of vegetation and farmlands. South korea is also full of many low mountains, and the highest mountains are on the north-west side, that go up to 1250 m.


On the shoreline of Chejudo a rich variety of plants grow. More than 70 species of evergreens grow. Chejudo is filled with many trees where as the slope of Mt. Hallasan has only fewer than 20 types of evergreens. The seeds from the plants are usually carried off by the ocean currents and are spread out around South Korea.


Land Formation

-surrounded by mountains
-three bodies of water around them=sea of japan, yellow sea, and korean straight= good fishing
-In ring of fire
-Valleys in mountains

The land formation in South Korea is surrounded by mountains. 70% of the land you can't live in because of the space the mountains take.


South Korea has a temperate climate with warm spring and summer and with a pleasant fall. Winters in South Korea are cold because of the mountains that surround them. There are occasional typhoons in South Korea, that bring high winds and floods.


South Korea has about 17 terrestrial animal species. There are different animals in the Highlands and in the lowlands. The highlands are home to animals like roe deer, tigers, lynx and water shrews. Different animals such as black bears, river deer, and mandarin voles use the lowlands as their homes. Many of the wild deer, wild bears, and wild cats are extinct in South Korea.

Ring of Fire

Focus Question: How have movements of the earth’s crust affected the shape of the landscape and/or the physical environment?

Focus Answer: The movements of the earths crust affected the shape of the land scape, mostly on the eastern side of Korea Peninsula, where the earth's crust is slowly lifting it up, because of the plates, one of them is moving on the other. The physical environment has not been affected as much, because there are hardly and earthquakes or eruptions,

A shield volcano is a large volcano with sides that slope, which is what "Hallasan and Ulleungdo" are.

Hallasan is a shield volcano on Jeju Island in South Korea. Hallasan is the highest mountain, of South Korea.

Ulreungdo is an volcanic island, in the Sea of Japan,which looks like a steep sided island, and very large at the top. (Picture of It down below)Which reseves the name, stratovolcano.This island rises from the seafloor, reaching an elevation of 984 metres at Seonginbong Peak. The island is primarily of trachyandesite rock. The volcano erupted about 9000 years ago, and made ash go as far as central Honshū over 800 km away.

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trachyandesite rock is an ingeous rock, which has a little or no quartz.

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∆ Ulreungdo

∆ Ring of Fire

Interacting with the environment

Focus Question: What special things do people do, build, or make because of this environment?
South Korea is surrounded by three major bodies of water.
The three include-
The Yellow Sea
The Sea of Japan
And the Korean Straight.
South Korea benefits from living on the coast by having good fishing areas and a natural resource which they can use for oil, and food. Seafood is served at almost every meal, because there is plenty of it to go around. South Korea's land is mostly mountains with a few flat places, because of this they don't have a lot of farming space. Instead they grow rice, beans, and vegetables in valleys that are found in mountains (This type of farming is called Terrace-farming). People also gather and cultivate wild plants such as mushrooms, and bracken. Food is very important in Korean culture because it related to the environment (location,climate, and geography). Winters in Korea are cold because of the mountains that's why the people preserve food.

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Pibimpap (picture to the left) Kimchi (middle picture)

Housing and Space
Due to the lack of space in South Korea, people live very close to each over. A common home in South Korea for a family would be in a high-rise building. Hundreds of people live in one high-rise. A dozens or two high-rises are located near each over. Since they so many people live together it is not shocking to find thousands of people in one community. Space is a big matter in South Korea, their building structure is usually going up (high-rises- not many houses) while most commonly in North America we are building outward. When people go on with their business in restaurants, malls or sidewalks, they usually bump in to each other (culture). While in North America it would be considered rude, and not welcoming.

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The most common way of transportation in South Korea is taking the bus or train. Trains in South Korea are clean and they come frequent. Driving a car would be expensive and would be hard because of traffic. People share taxis when driving long distances and when looking around town.
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Environment Problems
In the past, places like Seoul had small problems with water and air pollution. However, the Mayor of Seoul helped solve this problem by restoring clean water to places like Cheonggyecheon, (which is in central Seoul) where they cleaned it from all oil. Another example of being environmental friendly is that they have looked into different energy sources, they have built nuclear power, solar power, and wind power .


Focus Question: What are the most important or interesting things you would like others to know about this culture?

Question 1- What kind of festivals are held in South Korea?
Answer- One type of festival held in South Korea is called Andong Mask Dance Festival. This festival is has always been held for ten days on the last Friday of the last week of September. This festival originated from a legend from a long time ago. The legend is about these spirits that entered into a dream of a young member of the Ho clan. The spirits told him that he must make wooden masks and perform for the spirits pleasure.If he didn't do as they asked and keep it a secret, he would be killed. So the young man left his family and lover and went to work in a cave by close by mountains. There he worked 100 days until his lover went looking for him. When she saw him and the masks the young man died. After 800 years the village where the man lived still remains.

Question 2- Why is did Korea change into two separate countries?
Answer- Korea split up in two because after World War 2 which lasted from 1939 to 1945 USA and Russia decided to split it up. The north went to Russia and became the communist government and the South went to the USA becoming the democracy government. Korea had split up at the 38th paralell line north.

Question 3- Was South Korea always an republic country?

Answer -
It was only three years after the World War 2 (1939 - 1945) when South Korea had become an independent country a government called Republic of Korea (ROK) was formed. It was on August 15 1948 that the ROK was the new form of government with Syngman Rhee as their first president.

Question 4- What cultures does South Korea have?

Answer- South Korea's cultures developed from North Korea's also, but after the split it changed. The idustrilization in South Korea changed the way people live, and they have concetrated in cities like Seoul. They encourage Art, Technology, Korean Animation, and Music as their main cultures.

Fun Facts

Each region of South Korea has it's own special dish related to it's environment.
The highest mountain in South Korea is called Hallasan. It is found in Jeju, and is a elevation total of 1,950 m!
The peace treaty between South Korea and North Korea was never signed after World War 2 meaning that technically they are still at war.
South Korea is the world 5th steel producer though it imports coal because the country doesn't have those natural resources.
Did you know that there were about 46,584,500 people living in South Korea in 2000?

Sources- Korea/Map,28376,927432,00.html'


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