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The Taiwan Flag


B.O: The country I choose for the Wiki project is Taiwan. I chose this place because my mother was born there. Things I knew about Taiwan before I started my research was that there is a very tall building with 101 floors. There are also many motorcycles because it is very crowded since Taiwan is a small island. There are manga shops as well that when you pay you can stay and read or take it home. There was also McDonalds there like in almost everywhere. One thing I liked about the food was that there were noodles. The noodles had many flavors like spicy, chicken, vegetarian, and beef. There were many more but that was all I ate. I liked the beef flavor best. Also, there are many shops in the streets of Taiwan that are open all day long. Every New Years people will make fireworks blow out of Taipei 101, which is the name of the tall building.

G.W: The country I chose was Taiwan because my whole family was born there except for me. Things I know about Taiwan right now is that there is a tower that has 101 floors and they also have a bullet train that goes from north to south Taiwan. There is a lot of transportation but there are a lot of people who ride scooters that use gas. There are amazing fireworks that shoot out of the 101 floor building every New Years. They also have access to the Pacific Ocean.

Links to Pictures of Taiwan of Taiwan's 101 Floor Building (day)
Above: Picture of Taiwan's 101 Floor Building (night) -Picture of Taiwan's 101 Floor Building + Fireworks
Above: Picture of Taiwan's 101 Floor Building with fireworks shooting out of it. Picture of Taiwan's bullet train coming out of a tunnel.

KWL Chart

What I know about Taiwan
What I wonder about Taiwan
- There is a building with 101 floors.
- Do they have earthquakes?
- It is an island.
- Do they have volcanoes?
- It is very crowded because it is small.
- Do they ever get snow?
- Many people use scooters.
- What is the population of Taiwan?
- The flag is blue, red, and yellow.
- How long did it take to build the 101 building?
- Every year fireworks come from Taiwan 101.
- Does Taiwan have four seasons?
- Taiwan has a bullet train.
- How many kilometers is it from Canada to Taiwan?
- It is near China and it is on Asia.
- Did people from Taiwan and Japan come from China?
- The schools are very big.
- What are the fireworks they use made from?
- There is a lot of transportation.
- Why is Taiwan called the Republic of China?

Work Log

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B.O: Today I posted an Introduction paragraph. Worked on section 2.
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Section 1 (B.O)

Focus Question: Where is the country located? -Brian's Map -Glenn's Map
Our country is Taiwan. The capital city, Taipei, is located at 5 05'25,20" N and 121 33'33,93" E. Taiwan's closest neighbors are China, who is at the West of Taiwan, and the Philippines who is at the South of Taiwan. Taiwan is on the continent of Asia in the norther hemisphere. The closest major water body near Taiwan is the North Pacific Ocean.

Taiwan's location in the world.

Section 2 (B.O/G.W)

Focus Question: What is the physical environment like?


Sources: - Taiwan's Rocks and Soil - Taiwan's Landforms and Water Bodies - Taiwan's Wildlife - Taiwan's Climate - Taiwan's Plants

Section 3 (G.W)

Focus Question: How have movements of the Earth's crust affect the shape of the landscape and/or the physical movement?


Section 4 (G.W/B.O)

Focus Question: What do people make or build because of this environment?


Focus Question: What are the most important or interesting things you would like others to know about this culture?