The United states of America Made by : Yasir, Virgile and Nicolas

The flag of The united States


National Anthem

The Location of the united states of america


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I chose the United States of America because I new a lot about it.
Also because I have studied it before and it was interesting. I wanted to
Study it again because it was very interesting.
I was especially Interested in the tallest man made structures they were amazing

I chose the U.S.A. because it is the nearest country to us and I don’t know much about it.
I want to know more about the physical environment and there cultures.
I knew that is the country closest to us before I started my research.

I chose the U.S.A. because it's very popular and interesting and I don't know a lot about it.
It's interesting because it's multicultural and it has different landforms.

National Motto of the United States of America:

The national Motto of the United States of America is: In God we trust.

Work Log

Yasir will find a good map and find some interesting information about there physical environment
Nicolas will find some info about the U.S.A.
Yasir will put our sources down.
Yasir will take of unnecessary items March/06/09
Yasir will do part of part three


Subtopic # 1:

Where your country is located ?
Ignore the green the red is where America is.
The longitude of there capital city is 77E and the latitude is 38.(Washington D.C.)
There closest neighbors are : Canada( It lies north of The USA), Mexico (lies south of The USA)
The continent they are on is called North America
The two closest bodies of water are The Pacific Ocean (It Lies to the West of them), Atlantic Ocean( it lies to the East of Them)
The Hemisphere They are on the Northern Hemisphere

Subtopic #2:


water bodies:

The most important water bodies in the USA is the Pacific ocean . There are lakes like the great lakes they are half in Ontario and half in The USA or lakes like Crater lake in Asleep volcanoes.


There is deserts: Deserts in the southwest area's of the united states are areas of extreme heat and dryness like the one that has all those casinoe's. In scintific terms they are called Arid regions.
there is also volcanic: Though few people in the United States may actually feel a massive eruption from a volcano there are signs of early volcanism.

toundra: Tundra's are virtually treeless is that not amazing

and icy grounds in USA.
These grounds are mostly in Alaska

Wild life:

I am going to do the Eagle because it is the national bird of the USA

There one type of eagle that I am going to tell you about
1. The bald eagle it is in the three pictures

The Bald eagle

The Bald Eagle is the only actual eagle that lives in North America not the only eagle there is probablly more kept in captivity but the Bald Eagle is the only one that is here natrully. The scintific term for Bald Eagle is Sea Eagle with a White head. At one point in time the word "bald" meant white not hairless. The Bald Eagle can be found from Alaska to the northern parts of Mexico. Did you now that half of the worlds yes the Worlds 70,000 Bald Eagles live in Alaska thas 35,000. The north west coast is the biggest stronghold for the Bald Eagle. So next time your on the coast don't be supprized to see a Bald Eagle.

Subtopic #3: How your country is part of the "Ring of Fire":

Nicolas's Volcano Video He Made

This Home made volcanic eruption is similar to the many eruptions in hawaii
These islands were formed over millions of years
Hawaii is actually the tips of under water volcanoes
volcano_still_th.jpgThat is an under water volcanoe and here is one actually erupting
Hawaii (the big Island) Is still getting bigger
There is still Magma flowing and it is again making the big island bigger
If your wondering it is Vinegar and baking soda and red food coloring

This is how hawaii was formed


Subtopic 4:

What special things do people do, build, or make because of this environment?


The ancient hawaiins main source of protein came from fish, squid, limpet, crab and other seafood, chicken, pigs and birds. the main leafy vegetables were taro tops funny name. They also ate other things like tree fern and fan palm. Here are some fruits that the ancient hawaiins ate banana's and coconuts and berries such as the rasberry and the strawberry and don't forget mountain apples they must have hiked high up to get them and finnaly sugar cane.
ghjghj.jpgsdhkfge.jpgsugar_cane.jpg The last one is Sugar Cane.


The cheepest way to get around the big 50 is to get a shuttle not the one that blasts off but rather the one that drives around.
You could always just rent a car and then you get to see the true hawaii right now I sound like I am a travel agent that is where I got this information from.


On Oahu take the bus it is enviromentilly freindly and they have an excellent public transportation system.
You could also on Oahu take the Waikiki Trolley which makes stops at key places.
You could always take the "Expeditions" ferry from Maui to Lanai.


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