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This is Mishi and Sam's page, we have choose to do our page about china. We choose china for its diverse culture and physical environment. We hope to learn about the Chinese government. Mishi finds ancient china very interesting and different than other ancient cultures. Sam is more interested in moder day china because of it's imports and exports.

They have a large population
Does their culture relate to Japanese culture?
How is there relationship with other countries
Landscape includes many deserts and mountain
How many volcanoes are there in china?
Who is there current president, is he liked?
Larger cities are usually found along the coast
Why are most of the larger cities on the coast?
How does their natural environment compare to ours?
They eat lots of rice
What is their main natural resource?
Why are most things made in china?
Has had many emperors
Did they invent paper?
How long ago was a major eruption of a volcano in china?
Is known for its manufacturing industry
Why do their coins have holes?
Is china considered a wealthy country, why?
Considered a large country (estimated to be the 4th largest country)
How long ago did they start counting time?
Who was considered their great test leader, why?
Located in east asia
How many people per square kilometer?
I haven’t found any thing else interesting so far.
Communism government
Do they elect their government?
Are they ailed with America?
How many presidents have they had?
I haven’t found any thing else interesting so far.

Section 1: Locationasia-map.gif

China is located in east Asia and is the second largest country on the continent.China is part of the north hemisphere. China has Russia and Mongolia as neighbors to the north. The Easter neighbors of china are japan north and south Korea and Taiwan.China also has neighbors on the east and south some of them are India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Myanmar and Vietnam. The capital city of china is Beijing. Beijing coordinates are latitude: 39° 55' 44 N and longitude: 116° 23' 18 E.

Section 2: Physical environment

China has a very diverse environment with mountains, plains, and even rain forests. Mount Everest is the largest mountain in the world and it lies on the border of Nepal and China. Mount Everest is part of the Himalayas mountain range in Asia. The Himalayas are a result of the Indian plate colliding with the Eurasian plate.China is part of the Eurasian plate. China also has a great desert near it's border to Mongolia. This desert is called the Gob i desert. It is located in northern china and is the largest desert in all of Asia. The desert is known for the location of major cities in the


Mongol empire. Rain forest in the southern Yunnan province produce rubber that help china's manufacturing industry. hina has some flat land near the center of the the country. China's plains have enriching soil but unfortunately the soil is causing major flooding.

China is surrounded by three seas, the yellow sea the east China sea and the south China sea. China also has about 30 large lakes. The south Chinese sea is the largest body of water in the world asides from the oceans.

Most of china has a temperate climate with a summer, winter, spring and fall. China gets many winds caused by heat and the near by ocean .China has moist summers and dry winters.China's precipitation can differ from day to day for example it might rain for three days straight but for two weeks you might get no rain at all. The desert area of china gets almost no precipitation. In northern china temperatures in the winter are about 0c and in the summer temperatures can reach -30c. Southern chiprimula_xubo.jpgna will have temperatures from 10c to 28c.

China has some very interesting and exotic animal. Unfortunately the wildlife in china is becoming extinct because of the population growth. although some animals still exist like the blue bear, the Asian gold cat, Caspian tiger,and the dice snake. China's wild life is unique and beautiful. the wild animals differ from any other country.

China has a wide range of flowers with 32,000 different types of plants and almost all major plants from the northern hemisphere are located in china . There are 7000 different types of woody plants that includes 2,800 different types of trees. Some types of trees like the taiwan fir are only found in china.The golden larch , one of only five species of rare garden trees in the world, grows in the mountainous areas in the yangtze river. China has 2000 different edible plants and 3000 different medical plants.

Section 3: How is this country part of the ring of fire?



Section 4: Interacting with the environment.

Clothing: China's ancient clothing has varied from time and region (area). Chinese ancient clothing depended on ones place or status in the society. Different types of people had different types of fashions like the geisha wore komono's. Military officials wore different type of clothing depending on there rank in the army. The beginning of a new era named the 11_Ancient_Chinese_house.jpg"Manchu Qing Dynasty" was a split in the Chinese culture and had a mixture of now modern day clothing in china with ancient Chinese clothing lasting from 1644-1911.This connects to the environment because where there was different types of natural materials is were the different types of clothing was made like silk .China is thought to be the birth place of silk, they keep silk worms which are natural to there environment and used them to make silk. Some of the peoples burial clothing was made out of the mineral jade because china is home to many minerals like jade so it is easy to obtain.

Shelter: China's architecture is a style of architecture that has formed in Asia over centuries. The structural foundations of china's architecture have stayed the same , the only changes that have been made are for decorating purposes. Chinese architecture main importance is its symmetry. The way it stays the same on all sides . The material of choice for these extraordinary buildings is surprisingly one material that has been used since the stone age "Wood". That is right wood, wood may rot over time but it is a great material for building things in this location because there is lots of it. China is covered in trees from the forest to peoples garden there is over 2,800 types of trees.
The Chinese food ranges from many different dishes, from fish to dog and a lot more. One of the Chinese main resources is the ocean. They use it to fish and transport goods. Since the ocean surrounds china , as you probably guessed one of there main foods is seafood. They also eat very unique foods like dog which they raise in farms and rat embryo. China has a very large population and not enough resources to feed every one so they resort to other foods like some of the examples above . Chinese food has become more a fast food in North America and the U.K.


China is a very diverse country. It is known for its large population and size. china has a long history which is considered very interesting. the physical environment has shaped China's Past. their housing and food are some of the few things that have been changed by nature. China has endured many horrific natural disasters such as the Sichuan earth quake. the earth quake is a ocured in 2008 and killed almost 70 000 people. chinas land scape ranges from dense forests to dry deserts. china also has a large manufacturing industry. china has been a great country to reaserch. it is one of the most intresting and diverse countries i have ever learned about.


China Physical Environment and Population